The diary

The Diary is another creepypasta OC I made. It is based off of the game called "One week,my room" You should check out the game-play of it on youtube made by "ManlyBadasshero"

published on August 18, 202125 reads 5 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

The first 3 days

august/15/2009 7:32 a.m
Dear diary,Mother locked me in my room again...?But other than that everything is okay...but she won't let me eat.
august/16/2009 7:32 a.m
Dear diary,Mother still won't let me leave my room,but I am okay with it.She gave me a few books to read.She said that she'll start to give me food too!
august/17/2009 7:32 a.m
Dear diary,I overheard mother talking to someone,they were saying that something was wrong with me....I don't understand why though.
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Comments (2)

WOW! Good job on the story! ↖(^ω^)↗
Aww thank you so much!
on September 29, 2021
on September 28, 2021