Regretting The Chances

Regretting The Chances

This is a story I have on the app Watt.pad, and I decided to post it onto this too. One question, though... Why is Watt.pad a forbidden word? Is it because it's another website? But wait! Twitter is not blocked! Facebook isn't either! Ah well. Here is my story, I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 Leaving

"Get out get out get out!!!" My mother screamed, pointing to the door.
"Why? What... What did I do?"
"You lied! Lied to me! Told me you didn't sneak out, didn't steal that candy and hat and vest... And I believed you! How foolish of me to believe such a lie  as that! I am finished. Get out!"
"Mom, I didn't lie, I only... Fibbed a little. Not my fault, I swear! John dared me so I did it!"
"And if this John told you to jump off a cliff, would you!?"
"Oh god, No! But he told me if I didn't, I was a chicken and an idiot..."
"You were an idiot for agreeing! Now get! Your old enough to handle yourself, you always told me! Now prove that to my by getting out of my face and leaving. Go. Now. I am done with you."
"Fine! I'll go! F*ck you!" I grabbed my hat and left, slamming the door behind me. She could rant all she wanted. I was never going to change. Didn't she see that? Didn't she realize that I was me, me in my own person? So what, I had done a stupid dare. But I made mistakes. And so did she. So, either she dealt with it, or ran away from it. Apparently, running away was the decision. Or, should I say, making me run away. Whatever. She'd have to freakin deal with it.
I walked the streets, lonely, angry, scared. Where would I go to from here? I had no boyfriends, no stupid relationships. Damn, was I in a predicament! I'd find a place to sleep, and deal with it tomorrow.
I walked over to my BFFs house, whose name was Lizzie. I knew I could count on her because she was always there for me. I rang the doorbell, and heard footsteps coming. Unexpectedly, it was Lizzie herself who opened the door.
"Oh, hi Ashley! What's up? I just called you, but I think you forgot your phone at home!"
"Oh shit! I did! And I can't get it back!"
"Why not?"
"Mom finally kicked me out. Shit... Do ya think you could go get it?"
"Probably. But I'll sneak in, okay? No reason to rise suspicion. I'll go for it tonight. How about you stay here tonight? Mom and Dad are gone for the week. So it's just you and me!"
"Oh thanks, Lizzie! I don't know what I'd do with out you!" I gushed. Lizzie was amazing!
"Okay, let's go inside. It's going to be a long night tonight!"
And I grinned. I knew exactly what she meant.
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