I Really Liked Her

I Really Liked Her

"I Really Liked Her" is about the author's first really strong girl crush. She was a Freshman at the time and this girl (Erin) was one of her closest friends. In the beginning of the story the events that happen are mostly true. At the end they aren't but the author really wished they were true.

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Chapter 1

So there was this girl named Erin. She was a freshman at the time, at Iola-Scandinavia High School in Wisconsin. 15 years old. At the time she was working at some motel in Iola being the janitor on weekends.

She had beautiful blue eyes. Her hair was short for what society thinks a girls hair should be, but it definitely was just perfect for her. It was usually buzzed on the side and on top it was 3 or 4 inches long. She usually had it flowing to one side or the other. Sometimes she had it going straight back. She was just a beautiful person.

Erin's personality was the best personality anybody could have. She liked physical contact, which was totally okay with me. She was definitely weird but in a really good way. Her definition of her weird was being not like anybody else but in an awesome way.

Her fashion was a whole other story. She was so unique with what she wore and what she did in general. She always dressed up, but for her it wasn't dressing up because she always did it. She does own a couple pairs of sweatpants, but she only would wear them at cross-country meets. She would never be caught wearing them at school. She always had to look amazing which she definitely accomplished.
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