who would have guess love?

okay so people that actually know me knows that i love the weasley twins.

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Tells who you are and meeting the twins

name: Mila Caulin
Eye color: green
Hair color brown
Freckles: none
personallity: loyal, silly, and smart
crush: Fred
Best friend: Akia Deco
  loves: art and Quddich
  hates: pureblood
  siblings: Clayton Caulin and Sarah Caulin
  Parents: Ryan Caulin and Tina Winterfint
" bye mom " Mila yelled as she sat down then two handsome boys came in " im george and this is fred" george said " hello love " fred said with a wink Mila blushed. She never knew that she would  like the weasleys.  the trolly lady came by " ANYTHING FROM THE TROLLY?!" ( sorry i thought it would be funny. anyways back to the story.) mila got some Chocolate frogs to let loose in the train. " your a prankstar too?" they asked " well yeah" at the sorting we were told the houses and then were sorted we were all in Gyriffindor hooray.
New chaptar soon.
( my other story is abt draco malfoy with a lot more dirty in it. dont worry we are getting there. XD. )
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pls tell your thoughts of this story and wether to contunue or not.
13 days ago