Judgement Hall

Judgement Hall

Heya it's Sans. I was just messing around. Y'know the regular stuff. I got bored and typed judgement hall out. I will continue this. See ya

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Judgement Hall Part 1

Judgement Hall Part 1

It took a while, a long time. This kid… man, they’re tough. But they got dunked. I remember how tired I was. Looking down at them hatefully. They took everything I ever had, no one survived. They looked so broken. Then again, before all this began.... They already were. I just wish I’d known about this whole thing. I never enjoyed taking a life. Ain’t no one I knew who did. But I think I took a little glee from this, I’m sorry to admit. Now all I had to do was escape their bag and go home. Nothing would’ve been there tho. Well, I guess that was a lie. I wouldn’t have been alone, but we’ll get to that. I was a bit confused when I looked down at their body. I really expected them to reset, but.... the kid refused. So I went with it. As far as I knew, I had dismantled them for good. I remember brushing their head to the side. Man.... I felt a chill crawl up my arm. I quickly grabbed the bag. I knew their soul was in pieces. I remember thinking “ This is Toriel’s bag! “ I didn’t know what Frisk needed. God, I wish I knew. Y’know I guess I should expect a back up knife. It still shook me a little. Needless to say to with that. I was more into the other thing. A freakin book? I mean the murder weapon, yea. But this? Frisk. I tried not to let it bother me, I just wanted to head home. I wish I’d read it sooner. But I guess Frisk was the only enemy for me. I’d invade their privacy in my own time. I just wanted ketchup. I guess tho, that I missed an opportunity by not seeing straight through the kid.
                                          I’m sorry.

Snowdin was hell without everyone else. The evacuation was pointless now. Getting a look at my house.... Hurt my heart. I knew Pap was gone. As empty and dull as it was. I knew it was a lie. I planned on reading the book, but.... It was like.. I dunno. I wanted to read it in company. You’d think. It was impossible, but.... But it wasn’t. Everyone was dead, but not, as I said before. They weren’t really gone.
No monster wants to acknowledge the fact that in order to.... Absorb a soul, you have to do it physically. Eating them, I mean monsters can’t absorb monsters souls. Same for humans, so they just.... Stayed how they were with me. You wouldn’t understand. Souls don’t last without something to occupy. When I found them. I couldn’t let them fade. So we fought together, they gave me help. But if saving my family meant holding on. Fine, I’d do it. Until I could configurate my machine to restore their bodies. They deserve to know, to read with me. To know why they DIED. But what we saw made no freakin sense. It gave me chills, a sighn to be careful. Scribbles. Desperate clawing scribbles. Like a toddler would make. Looked to be mad enough. The next page was like that too. Geez, I felt my stomach knotting up. Something wasn’t right. It was on EVERY single page. Until, the very last one. That’s when I broke. In a second, everything came crashing down on me. I heard, what they said. The voices were scared a-and awful to hear. But, that book. Wasn’t done yet.
“Frisk. God, Frisk. I… I just heh. Sorry, got a bit dreary” It rose from my hands. I felt the souls fidget but they weren’t the only ones. The book had one more secret. A baby.... A child’s soul. An injured one. I remember wondering.... Is it, yours Frisk? I didn’t understand. How was this possible? A book concealing a soul, and an injured one too. They looked so broken. Rolling right into my arms. I was shakin pretty hard. The kid was so tired, so unconscious. I could feel it’s shattered spirit curl in my hands.

I wasn’t shaking because of that. I was scared.... Because of what I had to do. I, didn’t want to. God knew I didn’t.  If they stayed out here. Someone will find them, kill them. Without ever knowing what Frisk went through. But if I consumed them. They would disappear. They were to weak to last much longer. I had to decide. But the second I looked at them. I just wanted to protect them. I had to take that chance, and keep control of myself. But if this was happening. I was going to watch, and keep them under surveillence. I couldn’t help it. Tears came back, because if I killed them this time. I would be doing it consciously. I didn’t feel like the same person I used to be. I felt awful. I felt… gross. When I shoved their soul in my mouth, I wanted to spit it out again. But I was only trying to keep them close. To protect them. I waited and watched. It went alright, they seemed safe as they went. It seemed that the others were coming up to meet Frisk. But the moment Frisk even entered my stomach, there was a twisting knot beginning to form. It hurt, a lot. It latched on to Frisk and tried to rob them of their soul. The pain for both of us was unbearable. Something was going wrong and I couldn’t... I couldn’t stop it! W-was this how a human soul was supposed to be absorbed? God i was so scared. I didn’t know how to stop it. I had to! I had to try! I fell off the couch, unable to breath or think. Our pain was too much. I thought maybe I could suppress the absorbing. But I guess I was wrong. I lay on the floor grieving for this kid. This kid I wish I’d known. The pain ebbed, my stomach felt light I could breathe again. The souls moved towards Frisk in a quick fashion, panicky. Soon, Frisk was smothered by their souls. The knot being forced back. Th-they broke the process. They stopped it for me. For Frisk. I sat up in a daze. My head was so dizzy. But there was no measurement of my relief. It was so thick in my bones. Besides being in shock, I felt the remains of anxiety. Sleep? Didn’t sound to bad. Old habits die hard I guess. I kept thinking about Frisk. I felt sick. What would have happened... If the others weren’t there?       Would this kid have ceased to exist?
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Soooo sad and beautiful I love it I can't stop crying
on November 24, 2017