Dawn's New Path

Dawn's New Path

Dawn is an intelligent silver and grey she-cat. Without a known past she must carve a new path for herself. She gets used to life in the city, but then things turn for the worse. Meeting friends, and losing some along the way, she does something her forgotten family couldn't.

published on August 31, 20145 reads 3 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
Prologue, To Forget

Prologue, To Forget

Darkness covered the field, and stars shone brightly above. The moon did not float in the sky tonight. The roar of twoleg monsters could be heard in the distance. A small group of cats huddled under the only tree in the field.

   "Dessert what should we do?" asked a dark grey tom.
   "Well River, the pride must split," replied a strange greyish, orange she-cat.
   "What about my sister's kits?" the tom, River, said.

   Dessert looked at the two mewling she-kits. A worried looked entered her eyes, seeing the tired, thin kits.

   "River you may choose what to do with them," said Dessert.
   River looked at the stars, then quietly replied, " I will stay with them until they are older."

   Dessert bowed her head, then turned to check then wounds of a ginger furred cat.

   "It's too late for me Dessert," said the injured cat.
   "I know Shaded rock. I only wondered how long you had left," Dessert replied.
   "What has happened to Cloudfoot?" asked Shaded rock.
   "I don't know Shaded rock," lied Dessert knowing of Cloudfoot's death.
   "And what of Eclipse?"
   "Eclipse died soon after Dove."
   "I never thought the ancients would take me in this condition."
   "Nor did I think it either."

   Then Shaded rock closed his eyes for the last time. His breathing became slow and irregular as he fell into a deep sleep.

   "Dessert," hesitated River.
   "Yes River," Dessert asked without thinking.
   "Goodbye Dessert," said River finally.
   "You will leave then?"
   "Yes I think the kits will stand a better chance in the twoleg place."
   "If you so think, then I wish you luck."
   "Thank you Dessert, may the stars shine brightest on your path."

  Then River turned and picked up the smaller kit, and nudged the other one forward.

  "Uncle what is going to happen to us?" asked the small silver kit.
  "I will train you to survive, then I will leave when you're five moons old."
  "What if we miss you Uncle?" asked the larger grey and gold kit.
  "Then when I leave you will forget me and the pride, I promise."

"Uncle do we have names?" said the smaller kit.
  "Yes you are Dawn, for the grey sunrise Night saw when you were born." "Your sister is Dusk for the beautiful sunset of that day."
  "Dawn," murmured the small kit drowsily.
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Awesome story!!
on July 12, 2015
Great story!
on August 31, 2014