The crust of the core.

The crust of the core.

Two twins came to ponyville from the north east and start bullying the cmc. They later realized why.

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Chapter 1.
A fresh start

A fresh start

   "Hello my little ponies! We have two new studenta today!" Mrs cheerlee daid as the door opened. "Crust and Core!" Two fillies entered the room, one black and one yellow, bolth with green eyes. One had orange fading to red hair and tail while the other was the oppisate. "Your seat is next to Scootaloo and in front of snips and apple bloom." Cheerlee said.
     "Houdy!" Apple bloom said to crust, which startled her. "What do you want purple butt?" Core said looking at Apple bloom's cutie mark. "Hey!" Starlight (the blue mist) said. "Dont mess with my friend!" "What you gona do blue ghost?" Crust said. That made the cmc and Starlight mad.
   The bell rings and its time for a break. "What is up with them?" Apple bloom asked Starlight. "I dont know, they were rude to us." Starlight replied. "Hey guys, whats up?" Sweetie belle asked. "Bullies" Starlight and Apple bloom said at the same time. "Core tossed out my test and i got a detention for attempting to cheat on my test." Scootaloo mentioned. "Core called me a 'purple butt'" Apple bloom said. "Crust called me a blue ghost!" Starlight also said. "Im the only one who hasent been bullied. I wonder why." Sweetie belle said. "Oh hey look, another purple butt. The purple butt squad!" Crust said to Core.
The cmc looked sad in defeat. "Hey! Dont make fun of my friends Cutie marks!" Starlight said. "Why should we? At least we are alive!" "Im alive! I was just banished." Starlight said, getting more quiet. She was sad like the rest of the Cmc.
     "I call this meating to order!" Apple bloom said. "What about Crust and Core?" Scootaloo said saddly. "Sandy is going to ground me forever!" "Dont worry guys, we still need to find Starlight's true calling, and break her out of the spell, there is just a bump in the road." Apple bloom said. "We should get milk shakes!" Starlight said. (Mantle song the next chapter not finished) They all sighed. "Iah just wish that we knew why they were bullying us!" Apple bloom said. "Ya, me two." Sweetie belle said. "me three" Scootaloo said. "Me four" Starlight agreed.
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