Gone (1)

Are you still seeing things ? don't blink keep your eye out? Halloween is here.

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Chapter 1.


4 young girls by the name of Natali, Natalie, Taylor, and Jess were leaving to go trick-or-treating they were 17 and were able to go on there on. Natalie and Natalia were twins there dad had just moved out that day. Before the twins leave they remember their mother say "goodbye be safe. They went trick-or-treating for almost an hour when they got to the last house they knocked on the door 5 times before an answer a tall strange man opens the door. The teens all yell "trick or treat" the tall man gave them candy and invited them in they walked in slowly as they checked out the house. The man asked the young ladies for there names.
They all answered 1 by 1. The man gave them food and let them do whatever. As they were leaving he asked the twins to stay behind they said sure and jess and Taylor started walking. The man asked the twins how are you guys doing them not noticing who it was they were good and why.  He grabbed the 2 girls threw them onto a chair and tied them up duct tapes there mouth and asked "do you know who I am. The girls tried to answer, but the duct tape was still on there. He took off his face paint fake hair and mask. Jess and Taylor being locked outside bang on the door. The man yells "STOP IT" all of a sudden it stops. The man walks closer to the twins rips off the tape they cry and try to break free.The man comes where they can see him. The twins answer dad?
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