Fire Forever

A young Eevee has recently lost her family, and has been traumatized. Will a fun, caring fire type help her realize that should should be more social and open heart more?

published on April 22, 20165 reads 5 readers 1 not completed

The Start

   As the eevee walked through the grass, she thought of what could of been. "I could of been happy..." she muttered. But instead all she was left with was, well, nothing. Her sister Sunny, a flareon, had been captured. The parents, an Espeon and Leafeon had left, because the Eevee reminded them too much of Sunny. The female Pokemon was so caught up in her thoughts that she stumbled into a wild Pokemon`s den.
   When she saw the family of houndoom, she knew she was in for some trouble. The father, obvious by being the biggest, approuched the Eevee while snarling. With the houndoom more that twice her size, she was pretty scared. The young Eevee turned tail and ran out of the den, looking for somewhere to hide. The father of the family wasn't going to give up that easily though. He chased after her and cornered her against a cliff. The smaller animal tried running up the cliff with a Quick attack, but it was too steep. She was trapped. While frantically searching for someone, even something, her thoughts were, "If I try to run, he WILL catch me... if I attack, I WILL be turned to crisp Eevee meat... What should I do?!"
   As if the answer was just given to her, a figure jumped right in front of her, looking like a dog, sort of. It was yelling, "Pick on someone you own size!!" As the houndoom was about to unleash the fire attack, the dog unleashed one of his own. They were evenly matched, but the houndoom didn't want to waste his power on a worthless piece of fur. He ran back to his den and never came back. The Eevee was surprised that 1)the houndoom left and 2) the fire dog didn't hurt her. The dog, also known as a growlithe, said, "Hey, I see you got in some trouble th-" in mid sentence the dogs stomach growled. "Oops! Time to eat!" He cheered onward to a berry bush. "Hey, youwantsome?" He said it with a mouthful of berries and kind of fast. The Eevee nodded her head and began eating hungrily. "So... what's your name?" The dog asked. "...It's ...Cinder..." the Eevee spoke. " "Oh, well mine is Blaze! Nice to meet ya!" What Blaze didn't expect was for the Eevee to collapse and faint. "...wait...WHAT!?"            End of Chapter 1
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Comments (1)

There are a few grammatical mistakes, but other than that, it's good ^_^
on April 22, 2016