Ebirah Vs. Ganimes

Ebirah Vs. Ganimes

The Fight To The Death Between, Ebirah, The Mega-Lobster And Ganimes, The Giant Crab Monster!

published on November 24, 20150 reads 0 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
Ebirah Stats

Ebirah Stats

Ebirah Is Known For Being Notoriously Tough. He Can Smash Giant Ships With His Claws. He Can Also Easily Smash Kaiju Body Armor. His Signature Move Is The Crisis Scissors, Where He Slices Using Both Claws. This Can Easily Slice Skin Like Fabric. He Also Has Sharp Senses, Using His Antennae To Detect Any Nearby Kaiju Or Something Like That. His Spikes On His Back Act As Slicers To Kaiju That Try To Smash His Tough Carapace. In Conclusion, Ebirah Is Very Tough And Can Deflect Lasers With His Shell. He Is A Force To Be Reckoned With.
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So How's The Story?
on November 24, 2015