He Took My Breath Away

He Took My Breath Away

Your a young boy named; Jake English, and you suddenly have to choose between your boyfriend, Dirk Strider and a boy named John Egbert. "This whole thing was just a misunderstanding"! You kept saying. Having to deal with a fight between an overprotective boyfriend and a cute nerdy boy is hard work.

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Be The Emotional Jake English

Be The Emotional Jake English

   Yet again you are being pulled by your boyfriend, Dirk Strider. After what seemed to be like five minutes, Dirk lets go of your hand. Brushing yourself off, you immediately cross your arms while putting a scowl. "Jesus Christ, Wher-" Once again you were cut off, but this time not by Dirk. A small figure had cut you off, a small familiar figure. It was running towards you, panting, umm... looking like it's gonna faint. "Oh god, John!" Yes, that figure was John, and yes, John was going to faint. Not a minute later, John collapsed in your arms. Stumbling to your knees, you held John in your arms. God he was so small and warm, you wanted to hold him and play with his luscious raven hair. Unfortunately that dream was ruined by a slight "Tch-".

   You whipped your head up to see a furious Dirk. Shit. You're gonna get it. No mercy this time. You started to panic, freaking out you lightly shake the pasted out John. He made a slight annoyed grumble. God, you were blushing like crazy. John's bright blue eyes fluttered open as a hand made it's way to rub away the sleep. "W-What happened-d?". Dear lord, someone kill him. Wait no, don't kill this adorable cinnamon roll. John's too precious to kill, just take him away. "Uh- You fainted and collapsed on me." You spat out, trying not to anger Dirk more. John lifted his head off your lap. "Oh... sorry." He chuckled. John looked like an angel with his fluffy hair in his face, a sleepy smile, and a blush lightly stained on his cheeks. Snapping out of his thoughts, Jake fixed John's messy hair. "Jonathan, why did you run all the way here?" Jake calmly asked. "Oh right! A student had brought your lunch for you, they told me to return it to you" John happily announced.

You blink in confusion for a minute. Then it hit you like a bullet, you must of dropped your lunch when Dirk grabbed you. You cursed under your breath. You stand up thinking hard. John on the other hand, looked worried. John quickly got up and mumble something Dirk or Jake could make out. Oops I mean "could hear". He started to shovel his feet to his locker. "John wait!" You immediately call out, running passed Dirk. Dirk letting you go this time, you ran through the pattern halls to catch up with John. When you did catch up, John was ruffing through his locker with a scowl planted on his face. You reached a hand out to comfort him but this shot a glare at you. After slamming his locker door shut, he handed you your books and lunch. "Here!" He sounded so pissed off but why? "Err John? Are you alright there?" You where honestly a tad bit scared. "Yeah I'm perfectly fine!" The sarcasm wasn't helping you. You tried again. "John please tell me what wrong." Succeeding, you placed a hand on his shoulder. You guessed you shouldn't of done that. John started tearing up, bitting his lip to try and hold it in. Of course it failed.

Before you could grab ahold of him, John ran out of your grasp fleeting through out the halls. You wanna to run after him, but you couldn't. You stood there with a stretched out hand and books with a lunch in the other. You wanted to cry. You wanted to fall apart and cry alone. What did you do to deserve this?
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