6 "Psycic"

This is a story about "Gerold" who learns he has psychic powers. A strange person named "Jermimiah" is showing him how to control the powers through Day dreams.

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I woke up, I was in a strange room it was pitch black inside. I could only hear the screams of the innocent or at least I thought they were innocent. I then realized I was strapped into a chair. I struggled to get up but I could not. I heard footsteps entering the room, then a voice I have never heard before said

"It's No Use,You are trapped hear until I decide your fate." Then he started to laugh. The lights turned on. I looked around the room there was several paintings on the walls. It looked like whoever this guy was he was into "Picasso" then suddenly I heard a noise that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I turned my head to get the noise to stop but I looked over to the right and a man wearing a pig mask was scratching down on a chalkboard. He then suddenly stopped and slowly made his way over to me. He raised up his hand and took one of his fingers and put it on my mouth. "Shh Shh..Gerold...Gerold...GEROLD?!

What what? I said I shook my head and looked around I was in math class. Our teacher repeated herself "What is the answer?" "In sorry can you please repeat the question?" Everyone in the class room started to laugh. I faced my head down to avoid looks. Our teacher than lectured "you won't be able to pass the test tomorrow if you keep day dreaming." I know I'm sorry.
I said. The bell than rang. "Ok class remember the test is tomorrow afternoon and I want you all to study tonight I want all A's No exceptions!" Also Gerold I'd like you to stay after I want to talk with you for a second." Ok I said. I'll wait by the door. "Arthur said. Arthur is my best friend I have Known him all my life I am sixteen and he is sixteen as well we went to elementary school together he is a good friend. I walked over to the teachers desk.  
"I'm afraid all of your day dreaming is affecting you in school I think you would do good in summer school I really do." "What? No I don't want to spend my summer hear!" Well tell you what if you pass my test tomorrow then I won't have a  conversation with the principal,How does that sound?" "I'll study I'll pass. I say. "For your sale I hope you do. Mrs Walsh than takes out a piece of paper and signs it and hands me it. "What's this?" I ask. "A hall pass." She said.
"Now get to class before your too late. "Ok." I say. I grab my backpack and walk out the classroom door. Arthur was waiting for me by the lockers. " what was that about?" He asked. "Mrs Walsh. Said if I don't pass the test tomorrow than I'm going to summer school." "What that's totally Bogus!" Arthur said. "Tell me about it. I say.
As we walk down the steps and into the hallway we walk down a few more feet to room "105" we enter. It was the last class of the day and it happened to be one of the easiest classes...Art!" Our teacher "Mr. Bait was the teacher he was a really cool nice guy. "Hey do you have a pass?" He asked me. Yes I said and handed him it. He looked at it and said ok. Then he looked at Arthur where's Yours? I Uhh I... "The teacher wanted to see us both. I lied. "Oh ok good take your seats. He said as we shut the door and took our seats to the left of the class near the corner of the front of the room. "Ok class today we will be painting a charcoal sketch of "Picasso." I got goosebumps.
"What's wrong you look like you've seen a ghost? Arthur whispered to me. It's nothing. I say back. I couldn't tell him about my day dream. After all this was just a coincidence I mean the room,The man in the pig mask had Picasso paintings all over, But this was art class it was Nothing! I was sure of it.
Our teacher than handed us out sketches of Picasso and a charcoal pen. I started to sketch him out. I had to go to the bathroom. I asked Mr. Bait he let me go. I headed into the bathroom that was straight down the hall. A few seconds later I walked out of the bathroom. Something was wrong.
This was no longer a school. I was now what seemed to be a factory. I walked down the hallway towards where my class would have been. The door was shut. I slowly approached the door and opened it. The room was now bright red from LED lights.
"What the?" I walked into the room I saw more paintings of "Picasso". I slowly grabbed one of the paintings off the wall it was the exact sketch I had drawn from class!" The door suddenly slammed shut. I turned around the man in the pig mask was watching me. "You and I need to talk" he said. I threw the painting at him and said "how'd you get this?" He raised his hands out to dodge my throw. I ran to the opposite side of the room.
He stared to follow me I juked him and ran out of the room and started to run down the suddenly  darkened hallways. I noticed all the doors that were previously present were all gone. Somehow I was trapped in this building. I had gone as far down as possible before I hit a blank wall. I turned around as the man in the pig mask was right on my tail.
I was trapped! I had nowhere to go,Nowhere to run. As the man got closer he stopped and said "You have nothing to fear I am not the bad guy." "Then who are you? I asked. "My name is Jeremiah. This is going to sound crazy but you have something special about you. "What?" I asked.
You have a power,An ability that no one else has. And the time ha come for you to learn about it. I am goi g to show you your power and you will learn how you got it. But you need to remember It's a secret people will get jealous and want it." "Your crazy!" I said. "You saw my room,My paintings. "Picasso." I said. "Yes. It was no coincidence, you my friend, have a psychic ability and I'm hear to show you how to use it!"
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