The Diary's Of A Simple Girl

The Diary's Of A Simple Girl

If you are not into sad, heart breaking, tragic stories then this isn't for you. This is all 100% true, every single word. But I wish this wasn't true...

published on May 22, 201425 reads 10 readers 3 completed
Chapter 1.

Lost Family

Dear Diary,

     I'm so sick and tired of my parents arguing! Well know the arguing has stopped, my dad and uncle had moved out of my house. They moved into an apartment. I cried myself to sleep. I never had thought that he would move out. Know I my family is broken up into little pieces. My mom said that my little brother wouldn't understand what is going on. So to get my mind off of things I cleaned my fishes tank. He is a blue fish and he is very aggressive, but not with me. After I was done I put him back. Two hours later I went to go feed him and I noticed that he didn't move. I watched him stay in the same spot for several of minutes, he didn't move. I whispered to myself, " Don't leave me too.... four hours later I checked on him again. He was swimming around. I was a little happy that he didn't die.

                                                                          -Love Luna
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Comments (3)

Aww this is a really inspiring piece!
on February 04, 2016
This is so sad. I hope everything will turn out okay.
on May 23, 2014
Aww I am sure that everything will turn out perfect!!
on May 22, 2014