Aniya's Diaries!

(aniya is writing) Why do i always have to be the most dorky kid in school...even though i am going through a 12 year on stage which is almost my you know what... but hope you dont read this book i mean diary!

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Chapter 1.

First day of school morning rumble

I have never been so angry at my little sister! Before summer ended she grab my phone when i was using the bathroom, when i got done ..and yes i washed my hands what did you think i was going to do run around with dirty hands?? Not that i have not done that before but ANYWAYS>> she found a picture of me when i woke up in the morning and sent it to EVERYONE IN MY CONTACTS! I got messages saying that they are were going to send it to the most popular girl in school.... Emma Anderson! I don't know who the heck Emma Anderson  is but she ain't go run me down like a truck driver who got drunk!! Wait, what was I talking about?
           Okay, i wore the cutest thing that i saw in my closet which took 2 hours since my closet has clothes from the lost in found since 1961! I went down stairs to get some waffles when my dorky little brother ran through the house with mud on his shoes like a robot who got water on itself! REBOOT REBOOT!
      I didn't really have an appetite since my 3 year old brother was using his potty right next to me. Some people just ain't got class, Can't he do that stuff in the bathroom??? No telling what he doing in there.
Alright i went to take a steamy shower when i notice that all my oil and shampoo was gone and empty and had hair on the top, I knew just who that was telling it had hair on it, MY DAD!!!!!!!!! Instead there where tiny little boxes of soap that you usually see at a hotel cause cheap-o-mom wanted to save money for her new coffee maker when we just had coffee this morning....or I think it was coffee??
                        THIS IS ENOUGH! It's the first day of school and i don't have any good shampoo to use to clean my self and wash my hair. ''Knock Knock Knock, Aniya? Are you in there? I got some shampoo for you since your Dad used up all yours.'' I jumped of the toilet, Threw a towel around me then quickly unlocked the door. She handed me the blue and pink bottle the said ''Suave''.
                                                          BRUH?!?! This isn't even enough shampoo to clean my slim body and wash my hair! IT ISN'T EVEN ENOUGH TO CLEAN A SOUR PATCH KID!!!!!!!! I turned the bottle over and took a look at the price tag down below. ''80 cents?'' Don't tell me they already added the tax?? What a way to start my day...*sigh*
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