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(aniya is writing) Why do i always have to be the most dorky kid in school...even though i am going through a 12 year on stage which is almost my you know what... but hope you dont read this book i mean diary!

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Chapter 1.
August 25, 2016- dress the part.

August 25, 2016- dress the part.

I have never been so angry at my little sister! Before summer ended she grab my phone when i was using the bathroom, when i got done ..and yes i washed my hands what did you think i was going to do run around with dirty hands?? Not that i have not done that before but ANYWAYS>> she found of picture of me when i woke up in the morning and sent it to EVERYONE IN MY CONTACTS! I got messages saying that they are going to send it the most popular girl in school.... Emma Anderson! I don't know who the sack of middle school who she is but she ain't go run my down like a truck driver who drank to much coffee in the middle of the night! Wait, what was a talking about?
           Okay, i wore the cutest thing that i saw in my closet which took 2 hours since my closet has clothes from the lost in found in 1961! I went down stairs to get some waffles when my dorky little brother ran through the house with mud on his shoes like a robot who just had a first kiss with a human and the people barfed from head to toe!
       Instead of eating breakfast although i did smash the bird last night and cook in my backyard.... or was that little timmy? Gotta go check on that bird....!!!!!
Alright i went to take a steamy shower when i notice that all my oil and shampoo and hit the bamboo in china!!! Instead there where tiny little bottles of shampoo cause cheap-o-mom wanted to save money for her new coffee maker when we just had coffee this morning....or was the poo melted and scented??? I am going to throw up then brush my teeth!
                        Really this isn't enough shampoo to wash a sour patch kid! I MISSED THE BUS!!!! ON WITH MY WALKING OF MUD>>>the mud was me heheheheheehe!
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