Ash's sad story. (Cat)

Ash's sad story. (Cat)

Ash is the leader of The Tribe Of Blood Warriors. Before that, she has a super sad beginning, but now might find a new one...

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Chapter 1.
River Blue.

River Blue.

"A battle?!? I'm excited! Time for killing!" I blurted out. "Hey honey, calm down. It might mean our own Tribe warriors fall." My mate-well almost mate-River Blue said. I never thought about that though. Wait?!?Does that mean he might die?!? "But I don't want any of us to die!" I yelped. "Ash, you have to grow up. We understand that if one of us falls in battle, they did it for our Tribe." Our leader, Brook, said to me. Then I whispered to River Blue "Mainly I meant you." "I don't want you only to think about me, I want you to think about all of us." River Blue whispered back to me. " What about Sunny?" Sunny wanted to be my mate, before he saw two things. I liked River Blue and I was more evil than he thought I was. Also, Sunny is a little, too soft. "Even him."
River Blue whispered back. "But as little or as much as you want. But still a little, okay?" He said. "Im not fit for battle, my battle skills better than all of your weakling skills still need more training." Said the weakling Sunny. "Well than," Challenged Brook. "Face of the 2nd most powerful cat with tooth and claw." Brook winked at me. I winked back. A little while later, after I used my weakest skills, Sunny was gasping for his last breath. Wow, I thought. The strongest cat, NOT.
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