The Secret Story

The Secret Story

This is about when Five Nights At Freddy's and Pokémon turn into creepypasta. Sorry For The Random Pics.

published on December 03, 201542 reads 7 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
Just A Normal Day, Maybe

Just A Normal Day, Maybe

On a normal day, Nikki the Eevee and Chica Chicken were talking and eating pizza, like any normal day. Groof the Riolu and Bonnie Bunny were playing their guitars, giving advice to each other, like any normal day. Meowffin the Meowth and Foxy Fox were goofing of, like any normal day. Poke' Willy the Kyogre and Freddy Fazbear were singing their heads off, like any normal day.
All of a sudden, Nikki herd a strange noise coming from the bushes. "Did you hear that Chica?", Nikki said. "Yeah. It was like wind blowing through bushes, but we haven't had a single breeze today," Chica said. "Let's go tell the others," "No, I'm going to check it out," Nikki said. Nikki went closer to the bush. She touched the bush and was gone in an instant. "Nikki! No!!!!!!" Chica screamed.
"I need to tell the others," she said So, Chica went and told the others about what happened to Nikki. All of a sudden, a blinding purple orb sucked them in.
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