Real Story about my life

It is the story about my LIFE!! When i got married for the second time i thought i am healed now and moved on , but the reality is that past keeps haunting and the reality SUCKS.

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Real Story about my life
Chapter 1.

Real Story about my life

Hi Everyone,

This is my very first blog and i would like to share my real story with you all.

Let me tell you how my present is like.It is more like a compromise and every day is like another twist for me. My husband , technically my second husband has lot of good qualities i would say uncaring, unloving, selfish and most importantly he married to me just because of 2 things : sex and money.

I know it sounds harsh but this is deep reality of todays world. I feel like i don't have emotions left in me anymore. Love is a feeling which i had so much faith in it but now after my second marriage , I experienced that in reality that the love doesn't exist. It is just in the compromising world we are living in.

I need something and he needs something we are all together so that our needs are satisfied.

But why some people never get LOVE even after the tragic break ups. I got married second time just because i can socialise easily and eventually i will fell in LOVE.

Now each and every day passing I had the feeling that LOVE doesn't exists anymore and I don't even like him. I can't really share my feelings with him or anything at all.All he wants from me is i should keep on cooking good food for him and paying quite a few bucks and he  is still not satisfied and wants more from me. But me being me I havent attained that level of trust to him that i can blindly give him the money he wants to.Well financially speaking he is earning 3 times as me, but still he wants more money from me.

I mean sometimes I feels like i am in a kind of marriage contract with him and all he wants is getting more and more from me.

I wish life was little different for me and I can get TRUE LOVE which i still believe in.

Sometimes I watch some movies and cry watching love / emotional scenes as in reality it is being quite a few years that i have really cried someone for.

If i want to feel loved, i just remember my past memories which i cherish and regret that why did BREAKUP happened in my life.

I hope you like my blog and i will be able to explain my past what actual happened with me soon.


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