The Story of Us (Jasmine and Tails) (1)

The Story of Us (Jasmine and Tails) (1)

I haven't been on in at least a month, I think that's my cue to make something! Here's the story of how Jasmine and Tails fell in love <3

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Refuge from the Rain

Refuge from the Rain

Jasmine hung her thick coat over her chair in the tiny cafe. She hugged herself for warmth, since the AC was turned up way too high. Didn't this place realize it was winter, and RAINING?! A nice, hot coffee, would warm her up. Jasmine felt warmer just thinking about it. Her thick fur wasn't nearly enough to face the wind again, she figured she might as well stay for a little while. Of course, the rest of Mobius seemed to have the same idea. Jasmine knew sooner or later someone would take the seat in front of her, and she'd have to make small talk with a total stranger. Jasmine got up, leaving her coat on the back of her chair, and stood in the long line for coffee. When she finally reached the front, the hedgehog at the register looked tired and bored.

"What would you like to order?" she said in a voice that matched her expression.
"Coffee please, two sugar cubes, dairy milk," Jasmine said. Jasmine waited for her coffee, but the employee seemed to be in no particular rush. When Jasmine finally got back to her seat, she was completely surprised to see a familiar face.

"Tails? What are you doing here?" she asked and sat down, suddenly realizing how dumb her question sounded. Tails smiled.
"Seeking refuge from the rain of course," he said and gestured to the window. Jasmine smiled at bit at this.
"Nicely phrased."

Jasmine was mostly relieved she wasn't sitting next to a stranger. Also, the fact that she was near Tails made her feel... warmer. She had no idea why, and was wondering if Tails had brought along some sort of invisible heating system, which did seem a little weird, since clearly she was the only one who could feel it.
"I knew you were going out for coffee, and once it started raining I knew I couldn't let you walk home alone," Tails said.

Yep, invisible personal heating system. Aiming directly for Jasmine, pointed at her face. That would explain the heat she was feeling on her cheeks. (Really she was just refusing to admit she was blushing.)
"You're so sweet Tails!" she said and hugged him from across the table, narrowly avoiding her coffee. Her coffee would be getting colder soon, so she reached forward and took a sip. It BURNED. Bad.
"Hot. Hot. hot. Hot. AUGH!!!!!!!!" Jasmine gave a whisper-scream. Tails looked alarmed.

"Are you alright Jazz?" he asked. Jasmine nodded slowly, sure that this personal heating system was getting hotter and hotter. She felt like such and idiot. Of COURSE the coffee wouldn't be colder yet! Tails looked relieved she was okay.

"Well, now that I've got my drink, maybe we should get back home." Jasmine announced, hoping to avoid further embarrassment. Jasmine wasn't sure if she was imagining it or not, but she was almost sure Tails looked disappointed. The look lasted only a moment though, and was replaced with his usual expression. "Sure, let's go, I'll walk with you."
Jasmine smiled at him. "My night in shining armor."

The two of them walked out of the coffee shop and into the pouring rain.
Chapter one is finished! I'll write more soon!
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Plz write more!!!!!!!!!!
on June 16, 2015
Wow, you got 5.0 stars
I got 4.9 stars your better!
on January 13, 2015
Awwwwww! Keep it up girl!
on January 08, 2015
Aaaww sweet!
on January 03, 2015