Love Beats Anime

Love Beats Anime

After Undyne unexpectedly visits Royal Scientist Alphys, Alphys is faced with the situation of telling Undyne her true feelings.

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Unexpected Visit

In the comforts of her home, Royal Scientist Alphys, or just simply Alphys, was sitting in her chair, eating a bowl of Instant Noodles and watching one of her old anime classics that she purchased a while ago.
She was partially unfocused due to a recurring thought in her head, no person: Undyne.
The fish like creature was her crush for some time.
She just wanted to run her fingers through her beautiful red hair.
Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.
Mettaton was shut down for rest since it was about night time and Alphys wouldn't want him running around causing chaos.
So, Alphys slipped on some slippers and walked to the door and opened it with curiosity, wondering who can be out at this hour.
As she opened the door, her tired expression turned into an embarrassed one.
Undyne stood, with her serious expression intact.
"Hey, I need a place to crash at for a few days."
Alphys began to blush, as well as stuttering.
"W-why? Did something h-happen?" she blushed darker than Undyne's hair as she questioned her.
Undyne shrugged. "Just cause."
she responded, but deep down, she wanted to spend more time with Alphys since they've been neglecting each other lately.
Alphys let her guest in and closed the door behind them.
Her heart was racing and her mind was filled with confusion and hope.
Undyne observed around the room: a couple of packs of Instant Noodles laying on the ground, bottles of water, and anime discs as well.
"Why wasn't I invited to the party?" Undyne joked with a snicker which just made Alphys grow even more red.
"P-party?" she asked. "I'm just messing with you, Alph" reassured Undyne with a wink.
Alphys took a moment to think to herself as they both took a seat on Alphys' bed.
"I have to tell her how I really feel..." thought Alphys as her face lighted up with red.
Undyne yawned and lazily wrapped her arm around Alph's shoulders, which broke Alphys; her body stiffened and let out a squeak.
"Hmm?" Undyne muttered as she noticed Alphys huge blush.
"T-there's something I-I need to tell you..." stuttered Alphys, looking at Undyne in the eye.
Undyne looked at her filled with question. "Spit it out, Alphys."
Alphys swallowed down hard and nodded, as her hands trembled nervously. "I l-love you, U-undyne..."
she whispered quietly. Undyne quickly grabbed Alphys and pulled into a hard, but soon gentle kiss.
Alphys' eyes widened, that was an unexpected call for her.
Just as Undyne was going to pull away and apologize, Alphys wrapped her arms around her shoulders, and kissed back happily.
"Mmm..." they both moaned as they pressed against each other, sharing their immense body heat.
Alphys ran her hands through Undyne's hair and scales, which Undyne accepted, as she played with her tail.
They both broke the kiss off and panted, looking into each other's eyes with love and both knew that this was the start of something beautiful and absolutely amazing.
"I love you too, Alphys. And I've been meaning to give you that kiss since Tori wouldn't let poor little Frisk see."
chuckled Undyne with a wink and grin.
Alphys snuggled against her breasts with a light blush, wrapping her tail around the two lovingly.
Undyne held her and spent the rest of the night watching anime with her, until they both fell asleep against each other, with smiles on their faces.
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