Kaxy's Adventure

Kaxy's Adventure

Okay before I get to the story...this is a FAN MADE character! No haters please, Kaxy is a human that can repair any animatronic or robot! And this is a story about how she met Foxy! Just NAH haters! :3 NAH NANANAH! Thank you~! ^3^

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"Mommy, mom! Look at the fox, mom!" Kaxy the seven year old said as she pointed at Foxy The Pirate Fox as the other children ran around. "Mom?" She looked worried now and looked around.
        She felt a hand on her shoulder she turned around expecting her mother to be there, but is was guard. "Young girl, your mother died. She got murdered just outside of the pizzeria, the police are studying her body as we speak..." The guard said sadly to the little girl, Kaxy burst into tears.
        "No!!! Just no!!! Why?!?!" She cried as fell to the floor. Foxy The Pirate Fox sighed and knelt down to her.
        "Ye best stay with us, las..." He said as he patted her back, then he looked at the guard and said. "She best stay with us." The guard nodded and walked away.
        "R-really?" Kaxy stuttered as she wiped her tears away. Foxy nodded and stood up and raised his hook to his jaw.
        "Ye can stay in the Pirates Cove, because you're a pirate, correct?" Foxy said. Kaxy stood up and took out her eyepatch and fake hook and puts it on, the eyepatch covered her left eye, she smiled and looked at Foxy.
        "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" Kaxy said just like a pirate would say. Foxy chuckled and said. "Aye, matey!!" Kaxy felt happy inside, her broken heart got sewed up again, she will never forget about her mother and father.
        After the other children had left the pizzeria with their mothers, Kaxy was playing "Just Gold" on her guitar while she was mumbling the lyrics. Suddenly she noticed small dark clouds start coming out of the back room, she laid her guitar on the main stage and followed the small dark clouds. She found Bonnie The Bunny twitching with sparks flying out of his neck and between his arms.
        "Bonnie?" She walked up to him. "Are you alright?" No response. She sighed and picked up some tools she found on the shelves and opened up his back (because Bonnie is an animatronic) and started working on him. Bonnie continues to twitch and spark.
        Moments later had passed, then finally. "Finished!" Kaxy said as she wiped her forehead and there was some stains on her clothes. Bonnie's eyes lit up, he looked around, he turned around and saw Kaxy putting the tools back on the shelves.
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You should continue this! :3
on July 25, 2015