School Rebellion

School Rebellion

It's a short story, about when the students rebel against the Teachers!

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School Rebellion

A young girl walked onto the school dressed in her smart uniform and sighed. Her name was Melissa. Melissa walked over to her group of friends(4 to be exact)by the wall before heading off to class. Melissa was chatting to her friends when the subject of phones came up she then heard about the rumor about phones being banned during school hours. Melissa was furious but she hid it well. She started a club to rebel against the banning of phones, many students joined. When the school said that phones were banned.The students at exactly 1:00 in 3rd period took out their phones and ignored the Teachers until 1:15 when the lesson ended the Teacher everyone to stay behind but the Students were having none of it. They slammed the doors open and flooded out onto the lower playground.The Teachers were following close behind everyone telling them to get back into the classrooms when the HeadTeacher came out. "I am deeply disappointed in you" or something along those lines anyway during that long lecture. Melissa and her 4 good friends shouted out "We don't care!" and with that everyone shouted "Yes!" and we all started drawing on desks, sticking gum everywhere, raiding the cafeteria, ignoring Teachers and soon started stealing the school's equipment and missing school. This went on for weeks. And no Teaching was done as the Students locked all the Teachers in the cupboard which they would stay there until they un-banned us from our phones. The Rebels(The Students)gathered together on the field at 1:00 for a meeting.

"They won't unban us" One Said
"How do you know?" Questioned another
"Oh shut up" said Katie one of Melissa's friends
"Calm down" said Rebecca another one of her friends
"How am I supposed to calm down I'm not going to have an education?!"
"Just....calm down"
"Seriously calm down" Melissa sighed
Katie crossed her arms and turned away. Melissa sighed again and started the meeting. The meeting went on until 3:05 and nothing got solved but annoying plenty of people.Melissa sighed for the third time that day she was not going to be able to hold this up for much longer. So she walked over to where the Teachers were locked up. She held a long argument until 4:45 where they came to the agreement if they let them go the Teachers un-ban phones.

The Rebels when Melissa returned were all arguing, Melissa sighed before shouting "EVERYONE SHUT UP!"
Silence covered the field.
"Good I have made a deal with Teachers if we let them go"
Everyone started whispering
"We can have our phones back"
Everyone nodded their heads in a sign of agreement
So with that the Teachers were freed and the phones were given back and everyone lived happily ever after NOT!

The Teachers still had to contain the students as they started to rebel against homework.

The End
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Comments (1)

Yup, I agree, but then again I don't since school's for 'education', so being on your phone after school is ok so they're being pretty naggy.
But I would Defenatly join the "against homework"-raid. Seriously, doing more school after school is upsurd and *continues nagging & complaining*

Thnx for the story, it was nice to read
on January 30, 2016