A flowers trail

A flowers trail

"Do you want to train?" "For what" "To be a hit man ,or spy,or agent" "Dude what?" "Well do you?" "I mean I guess" A story where Minghao after being accepted into a prestigious school for the talented. Meets jun and gets asked if he wants to become a hit man. Also where Namjoon has to explain to Jin that being a spy does not mean he can steal his jackets.

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Chapter 1.

"China wasnt like this"

Minghao POV
I recently got accepted into the academy of the gifted. In South Korea. Meaning I had to leave behind everyone, my siblings, and my dog Yao. As soon as it happened the next day I was picked up by two guys and a girl who where to bring me their safely, the girl called herself yuri and the two boys we're Qui and Phil. The girl welcomed me into the limo in a fancy skirt and shirt with a computer in her hands her glasses hanging onto the middle of her nose. Her unnatural blue hair in a braided bun.

"Xu Minghao? 17 years old male. Chinese?" she said looking up

" yes that is me" I said.

"Hand your hand to the two over there and climb in" she said. Moving her head towards two guys with name tags saying "Hi I'm Phil" and "Hi I'm Qui" one was holding a box while the other was controlling machine. I hugged my mom and said I love you and goodbye as I climbed in towards the two. They instructed me to place my right hand in the machine and that I will feel a slight pull and sting to it, when I did it felt exactly that and when I took it out there was a small star imprinted on my pinky barely visible in my eye sight. They nodded to each other as they opened the box Phil was holding inside was a ring with a crown in the middle of the star that looked like the one on my pinky. Phil told me to put it on my pointer finger on my right hand. When I did they handed me a bag with my uniform,class scheldule, and a welcome brochure.
They drove another hour before stopping out side of the airport. They carried my stuff in and led me to the gate.

"This is where we exit. I hope you have fun young gifted. The student you will dorm with a welcoming party will be their when you land. Don't worry we made sure that you dorm with a another Chinese transfer. I wish you good luck Xu Minghao. I will have my sister Lin give you a binder that will hold your work." said yuri. She looked up at me for the first time and I was shocked to see one blue eye but also one brown eye. She smiled at me as she turned around on her heel. I watched her walk away hearing her high heels clack away until Phil and Qui told me it was time for me to go. I made my way towards the airplane.
I looked back to see yuri standing next to Qui by a bench watching me leave. I saw them holding hands. She was about a foot and a half shorter then him. And in this light they looked ethereal like some type of Angel watching from afar. Phil walked to them and motioned for them to go. And I knew I should go. So I turned and walked away from the seemingly glowing three. As I boarded the plane I was greeted with the rows filling up as a stewardess led me to my seat next to a young girl and a old man. I fell asleep as soon as we started to take off. I calmed my nerves as the dreams pulled me from reality.

Just where is this kid. Its only been 3 minutes since its landed and I shouldn't be impatient. But I need to hurry up and get back so I can go back to the company. The others waited to see if this kid was really what Principal Winter says he is. I watched as other passengers came through until a tallish boy with blonde hair walked through. He looked around before spotting us and he walked to us. Lin took action first

"Xu Minghao?" she asked. He nodded. Up close he is kinda cute. What are you saying Wen Junhui?
"This is your room mate Jun. Also here are the things Yuri told me to give you" said Lin handing the stuff over before moving back so we could talk

"H-hello" he stuttered in I'm guessing limited korean towards me. I looked down at his ring I'm guessing he didn't look at the inside of his ring. That usually shows what you are in the school.

"Hi. Check the inside of your ring" I said to him in Chinese. Because why make him stutter and be uncomfortable. He nodded at what I said before taking it off and looking inside.

"What does a musical note, a dancer, and the symbol for martial arts together mean?" he asked me. I'm guessing he's a martial arts major. With another in music.

"Its your majors. Like I'm a martial arts,music, dancing,and painting major. I'm guessing your good at martial arts,dancing, and music right?" I asked him

"Yeah I guess" he scratched his head

"I'm Jun by the way" I said holding my hand out to him.

"Minghao." he said taking my hand and shaking it. I felt a slight tingle in my hand when he did it before he pulled away.
"When we get there I will have to take you around and then to the dorm. Also for now I'm your Korean tutor with two others." I said.
He nodded.
"Well welcome to korea. I know its kinda overwhelming but. Everyone in the school is nice. Also your aloud either weekly calls to parents payed by the school or monthly Skype calls to your family. I recommend the Skype one because that one doesn't have a time limit" I said. He smiled at that and nodded and we went on are way to the school

~time skip a hour and a half~
We arrived at the school and Minghao was amazed to see the school. I admit it is pretty big. There's seven buildings but the main one in 9 stories tall and is as long as the faculty and girls dorm but side by side and back to back. It had the head masters place and the normal classrooms. We may be gifted but even we need to learn.
The dorms for the students where five stories tall and looked like apartment buildings with even balconies. The faculty building was only slightly smaller. Then there was the fighting arena connected to practice areas for all majors and the food court. Then their was the tower. A twenty story metal,glass,brick,and ledges with various plants and animals on it. In it was the exotic gardens and animals and compost area and at the top is where the top students each major of every month create a show together that no one else sees but them. Every time they come out looking either ethereal or completely changed from who they were.
Paths winded between the stables, flower gardens, tree farms, and sculptures. Their was a small platform where I saw opal and Kayla practicing dancing a dance they made to a mix of ailees "I will show you" and Andrelli's "lighthouse". They stopped when they saw are car and the others stop in the big U shaped area that kids get picked up or dropped off at during breaks. Opal and Kayla ran up a winding path and to the car. Opal impatiently tapped her foot for us to get out.
"I think she wants to us to get out" said minghao.
"Yeah. Come on" I said opening the door and getting out. Kayla eyed minghao as he got out scanning all of him. They weren't wearing the uniform and minghao looked surprised to see them in their clothes. Which opal's consisted of just black sneakers, a blue crop top, and black leggings. And Kayla was wearing almost the same thing besides instead having pink one instead.
"Is this the new guy" Kayla asking cocking her head to the side like she always does.
"Yeah" I said.
"Why aren't they wearing the uniform" asked minghao
"When we practice you can't just wear a school uniform right?" I said he nodded understanding. Opal and Kayla said something in I'm guessing dutch to each other so we wouldn't understand before Kayla turned on her heel and walked back to her dorm.
"We need to get ready for something later. Minghao if he does anything weird just yell for me. See you guys later" Opal said leaving also.
"Well you ready to explore school" I said. He nodded like a frantic kid. I first took him around the main building he stared wide eyed and the boys and girls from different majors,countries,and every thing else converse or be in class. A couple classes stared at we passed by. Its not everyday we get a transfer student. Also not everyday I do something like this.
Next was the arena,practice rooms, and cafeterias. He got giddy seeing the arena and auditorium and even more seeing the practice room. The cafeterias he more so starred at the lunch lady's and windows
"China wasn't like this" he muttered. I chuckled. He looked up.
"Well this is korea" I said. He laughed also. Lastly I showed him the first floor of the gardens which he looked at the flowers and the streams and areas with animals. He starred at a turtle for a good five minutes before I pulled him towards the dorms. Are dorm is on the top floor second to last from being the last on the right corner in the east side. Next to jisoos and jeonghans room. When we walked in I saw his stuff was put on his bed. He explored the entire dorm room even my side. I didn't mind because he looked adorable every time he found something new. He ended up plopping down on his bed smiling.
"I'm guessing you like it here" I asked
"Yeah its amazing" he said. I smiled
"You should get rest tommorw will be a lot more tiresome" I said he nodded heading to the bathroom with his PJ's. He came out in matching dog PJ's and he claimed in his bed as I just took off my shirt and put on sweat pants because I didn't like the feeling of my shirt on me when I sleep. I turned off the light as I climbed in my bed and about two minutes later I heard light snores. I smiled as I fell asleep.

~to be continued~
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