Chance (hikaru x kaoru) (ouran highschool host club fanfic)

Chance (hikaru x kaoru) (ouran highschool host club fanfic)

Now about this: As you know Kaoru is in love with his twin brother Hikaru. nobody knows about his feelings except of Haruhi. But when Hikaru starts flirting with a girl Kaoru panics and does something he REALLY shouldn't have done. What will this mean to Kaoru's life? What will it mean to the host club when they finds out? and what will Hikaru think? Oh yeah and please leave a comment. since it's my first time writing this kind of story I would be so grateful if you told me what you think about it :) Well now I'll just tell you to enjoy it :) (Ps you need to have watched the anime or read the graphic novel first before you start reading this or at least know the characters cause you are not getting a presentation of them. I'm too lazy for doing that)

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Chapter 1.

A New Girl In Class

Kaoru's POV

A normal morning at Ouran Academy. Hikaru and I always went to school together. this morning we got over here a bit earlier than usual. We got out of the car and the first thing we saw was...
"HEY HARUHI!" Hikaru and I yelled. she stopped and we went over to her. she looked at us and smiled her usual cute smile. (I might be in love with Hikaru but I still have my right to say that Haruhi's smile is cute)
"oh hi guys" she said and stopped. waiting for us to come up to her.
we reached her and we all started going towards the school.
"so Haruhi. how are you today?" Hikaru asked. wrapping an arm around her shoulders
"I'm fine thanks" she said. "how are you two guys?" she looked at me. that was what she always did when she asked that question.
"we're fine as well thanks" I said.
just then we got to our classroom, got inside and took our seats.
when the teacher (a while later) went inside the classroom he'd brought a new girl with him. she had long curled brown hair and big brown eyes just like Haruhi.
"good morning students. this is your new classmate Akira." the teacher told us. we all nodded. "Akira was living in America with her father who is japanese but she didn't feel comfortable on the american high school so she moved back to Japan and her grandparents and now she is going to school here on Ouran Academy." The teacher finished talking to us and looked at Akira. "Ms Karuhi please take a seat"
there was one seat free right next to me. Akira went over there and sat down.
total randomly I turned my head towards Hikaru and I had to hold a small gasp back. he was looking at Akira with the same eyes as I'd been looking at him with for so long. there was no doubt about it. he was in love.
it hurt deep inside me to see him like that and knowing it wasn't me he had feelings for. I wish I could talk to Haruhi about it but I knew for a fact that she had started a secret relationship with Tamaki, so I couldn't tell her anything because then she would tell him. she was only telling me that because when they came out then maybe Hikaru would quit his love for her and then I would have my chance to make him mine.
but that chance seamed to be gone now. when I looked at Akira she looked at Hikaru as well with the same look in her eyes. my inside was burning.
I could just hope that Akira would stop loving Hikaru when she saw our brotherly-love stuff.
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