The Magician of Mobius

The Magician of Mobius

Hi I'm Tappdancing the cat and I’ll be telling you more about me in this story and future stories. Btw, I look like a turquoise cat which is similar to Blaze.

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Chapter 1.

Running Along

“Come on Sonic, we’ve gotta go see Tails at his workshop. Everyone is waiting for us!” Said a turquoise cat.

"Don't you worry Tappdancing, we'll be there soon. I just hope that we don't run into anything on the way or Tails will surely give me a loong speech about being on time!" Sonic replied while scratching his neck as he does.

"Heh, I hope he doesn't, I can't stand his lectures. Sonic, I have something to tell you, do you promise not to tell anyone?" Tappers asks.

"I promise Tappdancing!" Sonic replied enthusiastically, wondering what the magical turquoise cat had to say.

“Ok well, I kinda wish I’m related to you. I mean, we kinda have a relationship that’s kinda like siblings. You’re kinda like my older brother!” Tappers said, her ears drooping down rapidly.

“Heck I sort of feel the same for you. I wonder if Tails has finished working out who your family is yet(coz Tappers doesn’t know she’s a princess, I’ll make a back story soon).” Sonic also said sadly, but he instantly cheered up. “Welp! Were here almost.”

Tappdancing looks at her communicator for the time. “And also a little late too. I hope Tails doesn’t mind.”

They walk inside, Tappers behind Sonic.
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