Even if your a monster

Seventeen year old Wesley Paxton is a normal boy, until he falls in love with a girl named Rose, she isn't normal.. But she is perfect for Wesley and Wesley won't give her up.

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Chapter 1.

Why hello

Seventeen year old Wesley Paxton was driving to hang out at the coffee shack with his friend, Isla,
"Are we there yet!?" Isla asked greedily, "Why don't you look out the window, Isla!" Wesley answered, "Ooh! Look! Coffeehouse! There!" Isla said excitedly,  so Wesley pulled into the driveway into CoffeeHouse and walked into the
shack, Isla and Wesley got a table. "One sec, Issy, gotta go to the restroom." Wesley said, and walked to the bathroom. While he was walking he saw a pretty girl with fang-ish front teeth, so Wesley started wistleing jingle-bells, "Hi, you know it's the middle of spring... Right...?" The girl asked,
So Wesley stopped wistleing, "Yeah, uh, hi.." He said, studdering occasionally. "My name's Rose, your'se?" The girl said. "Why hello, Rose, my name is Wesley,." Wesley said, "I've got to go to the bathroom now, bye, Rose." Said Wesley, shuddering, as he slowly walked to the restroom. Once he was done he went back to his table. "Hey! What took cha so long!" Isla asked, "I.. Forgot my phone in my car" Wesley lied.
"OK! Sure! I'll go order! Bye!"
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