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I need a title what do you think it should be?i need you to play critic or just read for fun!

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Chapter 1.

First and Proluge Chapter

Hi I am a regular girl named Sofia Links and I don't have a interesting life.At all I guess.I am just a black headed girl with hazel eyes.You see I told you I was normal.I have white but, tan skin and I don't fancy wearing dresses(at all).Well this is my non-different life of Sophia Linking.I would tell you that you might die of boredom from this book of a... Life of boring old me.Oh and I have a secret.To be true a lot of secrets.Go a head open this book. Only if you are ready for a adventure that can take you anywhere.Because this life of me ,Sofia  Linking is not a plain and normal life of nothing.I might as well say "Put this down, if you dare to miss a adventure of your life".

    Me,Myself and my strange abnormal Life

I heard cars zooming by on the road that awoken me with no startle.Home sweet Chicago. Even though this wasn't where we were truly from , in the south of Florida near Pensacola, my family and I gotten accustomed to the cars horrible sounds. Except what I heard wasn't cars it was something calling my name with a cars screeching sounds. I guess that I was the only one who could hear  this noise,my ears were strange they hear more than I can see. Though I feel like a night animal and not a regular person who belongs here.I looked over and saw Grace peacefully sleeping across from Graycen  my  younger brother and sister that are twins who are lot to handle with one parent.To define these two I would say mischievous and act like hyenas with their laughing ,but they sleep so peacefully in this hotel's room bed. On the opposite side lay mom in bed ,a serious one who can get a hint of little funny.The voice was attracting me like bee's honey attracts bears or candy attract (some) kids it was soft but, screeching noise ..." Sofiiiia..." It continued with the voice until I stepped quickly down six flights of stairs to the lobby just to narrowly miss a attendant attempting to myself not to be noticed or seen by anyone. Once finally reaching outside I cautiously looked around my surroundings to find the voice I have been hearing then bang... I fell down something and ewwwww! It was a sewer but, there wasn't any water just secrets.
        As I walked around the sewer I noticed a few openings that were to small for one to fit into.Until a two big and grand doors that were dark green flew in front of me and magically .And there was a scan I upon placed my hand on it and it took a while but, it then checked green and so did my mind started racing faster than horses in a horse race no a car race of multi colored race cars driving  in front of my head.Would this finally tell my weird past of my hearing my abnormal, strange, and not understandable ears and their hearing.I leaned into pitch black night inside of the doors I stared at the door it reminded of me abnormal and different from the rest of the doors I have ever seen in my life.On the other side was a normal door plain, normal, and well  just plain to put it in a simple form.It was the hardest decision ,ever that I have so far had.Which to choose?
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