The Lonely Princess and the Twins - 1rst Part

This is the beginning a fairy tale I wrote, I will probably write more if someone ask me to.

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1rst Part

Once upon a time, there was a cute and peaceful little town where everyone lived happily, the people were nice and the mayor was fair and good. But the cute and peaceful little town wasn’t as peaceful as we thought. At this time, brigands were all over the country. The little town wasn’t the only town in the brigands’ territory but since their lair was in the mountain right behind the little town, they were very close to them, so the cute and not so peaceful little town was the first target of the brigands. The brigands wouldn’t have been that much of a threat, the mayor of each town would probably have got rid of them, if it was for the Twins.

The brigands had two kings, who controlled every single move they did. Those two kings were the Twins.  The First Twin had short black hair, pale white skin, the eyes of a serpent and the teeth of a shark! The Second Twin had long black hair, pale white skin, his right eye was missing and his left eye was of a deep red, like blood. He wasn’t as terrifying, physically, as his brother but he was really calm, too calm… The First Twin was very lively and everyone knew he was completely insane! But none knew what could possibly be happening in the Second Twin’s mind. The two brothers were feared by everyone, even the brigands, since they were not only known for being horrible but also for their cruelty. They made the brigands abduct people, men, women and children, in cities and asked the families for a ransom. They asked quite a lot and sometimes the families couldn’t pay… and no matter how many people cried and no matter how much they cried, the family who couldn’t pay the ransom would never see their relative again.

One day, in the cute and peaceful little town, a lonely princess came from another country. Her parents died when she was six and now she was very poor, so she was traveling town to town, begging for money. She was such a beauty; her hair was short, straight and of a clear brown, her skin was soft and of a gentle white and her eyes were blue like the sky. She sometimes sang for money, and when she did, she would get lot of money since her voice was like an angel’s.
Sadly, the Lonely Princess came in the cute and peaceful little town at a bad time; the Twins had just ordered a raid on the town… the Lonely Princess was abducted with some other villagers and taken to the brigands’ lair; there she was locked up in a cell with a few other people.
Surprisingly, the Lonely Princess wasn’t scared; even though she didn’t know who had abducted her. She always had a lot of character, she simply asked “May I know where I am?” A brigand that passed by her cell when she asked, stopped to stare at her. The Lonely Princess noticed it and asked again “May I know?” the brigand suddenly laughed and answered “You are in Hell my dear! And you will be here until your family pay for the ransom.” the Lonely Princess sighed “Then there’s going to be a problem…” The brigand looked at her and was going to ask her what the problem was but a voice behind him shouted to bring a prisoner to the Twins. This was something that the Twins liked to do, they asked for a prisoner just to scare him or worse. The brigand decided to take the Lonely Princess to the Twins.
The Lonely Princess was thrown in a big room with an amazing treasure in it! It was the biggest treasure she had ever seen! “The owner of this treasure must be rich..!” She thought out loud. “You think?” She looked in front of her and saw two young men sitting on two thrones. They were the Twins.

And so the story begins.
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