Avatar: Legend of the Twins

Avatar: Legend of the Twins

Okay so I was really depressed that Legend of Korra ended so soon. So I've decided to create another series with a twist. Hope you like it!

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Chapter 1.
New World

New World

After the Kuvira incident that left three spirit portals open, the spirits wanted to rule the physical and spirit world. Korra and the rest of the other benders fought this war, trying to plead the spirits to stop. They didn't. All of them called Raava a traitor to the sprits and that she should be destroyed. After a non-bender lost her life Korra swore that she would protect the non-benders with her life and close the spirit portals. After 1 year of war Korra finally managed to close all the portals separating spirits and humans for good. Most benders died in the battle some of which Korra personally knew. Very few remained. Korra decided that it was now up to the non-benders to defend themselves as there wouldn't be enough benders to survive another attack. Years passed by and there became fewer and fewer benders. Normal people (non-benders) didn't rely on benders anymore or the Avatar so they became attached to technology. Many then forgot about the Avatar cycle and it was only told in stories that soon became myth and then legend. Korra died peacefully in her sleep with her husband Mako at her side. The White Lotus then set out their search for the new Avatar as it had to stay a secret.

When they arrived at the home the mother died from exhaustion and the members could see why. They were twins, born in the year 2000, May 30th. One girl and one boy and both seemed to hold the power. This was going to be very hard because they now had two hide two Avatars in a world full mostly non-benders. 1 in a 100 would actually be a bender of one element. That night, the twins' father killed himself because of the stress, leaving them as orphans.

No one knew but armies were rising and as wars were being fought, some body knew that the Avatar was still out there.
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