Twins of Royalty

Twins of Royalty

Locked inside the royal castle for all their lives, Dusk and Dawn can't say much about the outside world. And when they are about to leave, what evils do you think follows? Fueled by imagination and stories, these twins have to learn fast or destroy the world...

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Chapter 1.
The Story

The Story

"Mama, tell us the story again!"

A Dark Blue Mare looked down at her fillies. "Again?"

"Yes! We love the story."

The Mare smiled at the two eager faces. "Once upon a time, there were only two rulers in Equestria. The eldest ruled over the day, and the youngest over the Night. Together, they brought equality, Peace and Harmony to Equestria. Soon the youngest sister was sent away, jealous of her sister's fame. The Eldest, in the time her sister was gone, gathered two followers. The first follower was a Pink Pegasus. She mastered how to handle Love, and became an Alicorn. The second was a Purple Unicorn. When the youngest one came back, she almost set destruction to the land. If it wasn't a Purple Unicorn and her Friends, she would have succeeded."

"The Two sisters felt that they needed to take measures, soon it would never happen again. Each gave the very tip of their horns to a Skilled Unicorn. Just the very tip, so that no pony would notice. They also gave one of their feathers to the Unicorn. Their wish, to create living beings made of both of them, to keep them from wanting to hurt the land. Now the Purple Mare moved to the town, where her friends lived. As the skilled Unicorn worked on the Princesses' wishes, the Purple Mare vanquished the dreaded draconiqus. The Unicorn came to the Princesses with her first offer. They couldn't have more than three seconds in the Princesses' eyes. The Unicorn got back to work, as the Pink Alicorn got married to the Purple Mare's brother."

"The Unicorn came back with another offer. They lasted a little longer, but refused to eat. Soon the Purple Mare helped the Pink Alicorn to get her Kingdom to safety. The Unicorn didn't come back until the Purple Mare became the Princess of Magic. She presented the two sisters with two Lovely young Foals, but the sisters knew they made a mistake. Once the foals were deemed capable to live, they left into a Special room where only the sisters could go. Since then, the hid the Foals from the world, but always came back to make sure the foals were growing well and Happy. And there they stay, well cared for."

The Mare looked again at the two curious fillies, who were looking at her.

"Mama, what is an Ally-Corn?"

The Mare smiled at the Question, and nudged the one who asked. "You are Darling! You're an Alicorn."

"I am?" The Filly looked at herself before looking at her sister. "Is she one too?"

"Of Course! You both are Alicorns."

The other one looked at the Mare. "Are you one?"

"Yes! Both your Mothers are Alicorns."

A Door opened right to them, as a tall, White Mare entered. The Two fillies rushed to her.

"Mama! Mama!"

"Hi, Darlings! How was today?"

The Dark Blue Mare walked to the White One. "Is there anything you wanted?"

The White Mare looked at her. "Yes. I'm here to let you sleep. Make sure you actually sleep at Night."

One of the Fillies tugged on the Blue Mare's leg. Both of the Mares looked down at her.

"When can we see Moonrise and Sunrise?"

"Soon, Sweetheart, Soon."
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Is there more? I hope there is.
on April 12, 2016
on April 12, 2016
That is cute
on April 11, 2016