SoulMates til the End

SoulMates til the End

Death has been cursed of not being able to touch anything for it will die or wither away, until he finds his soul mate, he can touch them...

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Chapter 1.
The Word...

The Word...

        Death would be around the Coffee shop he works at. He would be taking a order for a monster, "Can I get my coffee with cream and lots of sugar?" "Sure..."
Death would be going to the back and filling a cup with The freshly Hot Coffee. He didn't really like any sugar in his Coffee, He just likes it black He would be filling it with cream and onto the sugar until he felt a very painful sting in his arm. He would get done with the order and pass it to Blue  who was waiting to pick it up and give it to the monster waiting in the car. Death almost dropped it but got it to the table he put the orders normally because well...he couldn't touch anyone, or they would dust in seconds. Blue would notice the lack of strength that death had put to put it down almost dropping it and he looked like he was in pain a bit. "You okay Death?" "Yeah I just spilled some on my arm..." Blue would nod then turn to give the order to the monster who has been waiting. "are you sure you're okay?" "Mhm..." Death would soon say. Blue would get A bit Worried then he would say "Death you can have a break." "No...No no no, I am fine!" "Doesn't look like it and I know your lying." "Fine..." Death would put away the Apron he had on and start walking out the door when blue had shoved him accidentally into someone. "I'm so Sorry....." Death would say a bit panicked and a bit mad. "Its ok..." the Skeleton would say, he was wearing a white shirt with a same colored jacket with a red scarf. Death had noticed he had been touching The skeletons hand and he hadn't dusted away. Death would notice the large slash but didn't seem to mind. Death would getup and hold out a hand for the other to take "Thanks" The skeleton would say as he was lifted up from the ground by Death.
         "No problem, Also... I'm Death but you can call me Reaper" "Well its Nice to meet you Reaper, My names Geno" Geno.... Hmm... Death would space out a bit but get out of it. "Hey Maybe we can call each other I would like to know you more" "sure" "I just have to get my order.." "Oh you mean the one thats over there?" Reaper would point at the counter where it would say Geno but then there was something on the back Reaper Noticed but didn't really get a good look at. "Geno! C'mon!" Another skeleton would shout from a table they wore a Blue jacket with a white shirt as well.
"Ok Ok I'm coming!" Geno would say Then hurry over to the counter and grab the drink and walk a bit faster to the table. Geno would give a glance at Reaper who was currently Fixing some tables and headed to the door to leave. Reaper would catch Geno looking at him and Gave him a "What?" look. Geno would write down on a napkin his number and send the napkin flying to Reaper by using jis magic. Reaper would look at it then take it, nodding then leaving through the door.
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