Shine Above the Leaf

Shine Above the Leaf

This story follows the lives of 3 siblings from the Village Hidden on The Moon. When chaos and destruction hits the village, the siblings are forced to flee to the Hidden Mist Village, a village their mother said would be a safe haven from him, him who destroyed the village. Upon landing on earth, siblings Kyu, Segoi, and Tsuyoi become allies with the Hidden leaf Shinobi, and live there to wait for him to return.

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Chapter 1: Arrival

Chapter 1: Arrival

::3rd person point of view::
2 years after Pain Fight
“Sadly all of our experienced jonin, well all except for one, are unavailable at the moment on a different mission. You and our few jonin must wait for them when they hide in the Hidden Mist village”. Lady Tsunade, the fifth hokage said.

“Why would we take any chunin for this type of mission” A jonin says.

“Yes it would seem that jonin would be better for this, why don’t we just go and they stay here?”

“Do you question my decision!? If I must explain, I want you to bring chunin because, not only are some of the chunin as good as some jonin may7be even better, but as you know, a certain, genin, is  better then maybe even you, and I, and him, combined. Do you question me now?” Tsunade yelled.

“Alright ma’am, we will choose our team immediately” The other jonin replied.


“Run, run, run! Tsuyoi! Help?!” Someone said.

“Who would do this?” Tsuyoi replied almost with tears in her eyes.            
Then Tsuyoi turns around and starts one of her minor ninjitsu. She closes her eyes, and when she opens them they go from blue, to green. “Vine barrier jutsu!” She yells.                  

The ground starts to shake pulling dozens of branches and leaves from the ground raveling together to form a cage around Tsuyoi, Seigo, and Kyu.

“Who… Why? We have to go. Now. I know we should stay in here, but mother, and father….. They told us to go to the village hidden in the mist. That… That they would protect us or someone there would” Kyu, younger sister of Tsuyoi says.

“Sisters, we have to go. Now! Everthing is turning to dust and if we don't leave now, we will too!” Seigo, the person who yelled at Tsuyoi before, and sister of, shouts.

“ But Segoi! Kyu! It is too dangerous to leave the moon!” Tsuyoi says.

“Tsuyoi is right Segoi! I have barely got the hang of us traveling through space if I fail we die, and that could destroy the world! You know that as well as I do!” Kyu says. A ball of fire then hits the barrier and the vines start to wither.

“Agh! Unless we want to die, well, we have to go now, and consider this technique mastered. You can do it Kyu, I know you can. But we have to go now! Tsuyoi now!” Segoi shouts.

“I’m sorry brother, I, I, I don’t…. I don’t think I can!” Kyu cries out with fear and desperation.                

At this time, there were explosions, and fire around the vines, Kyu knew Tsuyoi was low on chakra and the vines would break. Kyu closed her eyes and took a breath in and let it out. When she opened her eyes, they resembled eyes that the Hyuga clan had. Kyu, did a few signs until she broke off the tiny part of earth her and her siblings stood on and flew into the air. Kyu then closed her eyes again and made an invisible barrier keeping oxygen so they could go to earth without running out of oxygen.

“This is incredible. There…. There is so much chakra in her body, I can feel it.” Segoi whispers.

“I… I.. I can’t hold the vines anymore. I need to let go Kyu!” Tsuyoi says struggling to hold her body up on her own.

“Just a little more time please. Seigo, give her some of your chakra or do something, we could still be killed by him. Please!” Kyu says shakily.

Seigo closed his eyes and did a few signs and said “Hidden cloud and rain jutsu!”                
The sky covered with clouds and water blocking enemies from them and hiding them from outsiders.

“Thank you…Seigo” Tsuyoi breathily says.                   
It had been barely anytime when Kyu signaled Seigo that he can release the jutsu.

200 minutes later.

“Kyu... You have to rest... You can’t have that much chakra left, and honestly, I barely think you can last a couple more minutes.” Segoi says worriedly.

“I don’t even know how she has lasted this long.. wait it must be because..” Tsuyoi mumbles to herself.

“Just a little bit *pants* further *breathes heavily* Okay. We are close enough to earth to teleport. Okay, we will have 30 seconds to transport or we will fall into oblivion and die because, I can't hold on any longer.” Kyu shakes holding the large mound of earth.

“No! You can't expect me to do that jutsu. Mom barely taught it to me.But.. Ugh… I will try....” Tsuyoi closes her eyes, and breathes in and out of her nose. She shakes and forms hand signs.                                        

She then closes her eyes and imagines the village Hidden in the Mist given from a picture her mother gave her. Tsuyoi then opens her eyes and says, “Planet Transportation Jutsu!”                

A large light flashes. In the blink of an eye the three siblings disappeared and landed on the ground in the forest near the hidden mist village.

“Is it just me or did you feel close to death just then?” Kyu sarcastically says shaking.

“Nope..Not just you” Tsuyoi says lightly laughing they even survived the transportation.

“Do not run. Please. My name is Kakashi Hatake of the Hidden Leaf Village we have come to protect you.” Kakashi says. He holds his hands up and puts his weapons down.

“How do we know we can trust you?” Kyu says holding up her hands, even without any traces of chakra.

“Well heheh.. then don’t.” Kakashi says almost expecting she would say that, and knowing she was flushed out of chakra.              

Kakashi walked back into the forest and a boy with orange and black jumpsuit appeared along with a boy in a green vest and a pony tail.

“My name is Naruto. I am also of the hidden leaf. We know you are of the Moon village. This is Shikamaru.” Naruto says gesturing his hand towards Shikamaru.

::Shikamaru’s Point of View::

-This girl, with the purple hair, she is beautiful. She has long dark purple hair in a ponytail with purple/ blue eyes. She’s wearing a black shirt up to mid waist and gray pants.

Naruto: *whispering* hey that girl with the purple hair is kinda hot….

“Get a hold of yourself Naruto, we’re on a mission!” I yell.

-I couldn’t help but to laugh at myself since I pretty much just said the same thing, but, at least I didn’t say it out lod-

3rd Person Point of View

“Yo. Tsuyoi, Kyukyoko, and Seigo. We want you to be safe from him. We would like to keep you protected and continue your training with us.” Shikamaru says lending out a hand to shake.

“You, you knew our names, and you know about him? But no one knows about him. We… we barely know…” Segoi reaches out his hand and firmly shakes.

“As protector of my family I say we trust you. I am Tsuyoi, I am a Jonin, my brother Seigo is a Chunin, and so is my sister Kyukyoko. But she prefers to be called Kyu. It is much less of a mouthful, as you can probably tell.” Tsuyoi says laughably.

“My mom came up with the nickname. She wanted our names to mean something.” Kyu says.

“What do you mean? If that is ok.” Naruto questions.

“My name means Ultimate. Tsuyoi’s means Strong. And Seigo…” Kyu says with Seigo interrupting to say his name’s meaning.

“It means Integrity. We are of the Star family. My full name is Seigo-sei Suta-Tsuki.” Seigo finishes.

“And your br….” Shikamaru starts.

“If you wish to be friends, or allies, I suggest you not utter another word about him. The only brother me and Kyu acknowledge is Seigo.” Tsuyoi shouts.

“Got it! Hey you guys they trust us! You can come out!” Naruto holds a thumbs up towards Kyu.                

“ Eve..Everyone else?.... Hey is this a capture or something!?” Kyu yells.

“No of course not, we just want you to be protected so we have a few others for extra security.” Shikimaru shakily says.

“Please introduce them. Before Kyu's head explodes.” Tsuyoi says, trying to calm her hotheaded sister.

“You already know me. But before we start we should get walking, it’s going to be a long trip back, we will introduce on the way.” Kakashi says smiling and gestures to a pathway.

“My name is Sakura Haruno, Kyu it looks like you lost a lot of chakra in that battle on the moon. We should rest up. Here is some medicine I brought just in case” Sakura holds out the medicine smiling.

“You must be a medical ninja.” Segoi implies.

“Yes I am. Segoi is it? Did something happen to your arm? You are holding it.”

“When I was on the moon, one of our opponents crushed my arm with a rock.” Segoi looks at his arm shaking.

“If it’s alright, can I heal it? Or attempt to?”

“Umm.. Yes, please do.” Segoi smiles.

“Thank you Sakura, we greatly appreciate your kindness.” Tsuyoi says.

“My name is Ino Yamanaka. I also heal.”

“But she isn’t as good as me! So step back sister! I got this job!” Sakura yells locking eyes with Ino.

“What about you Tsuyoi? Are you okay?” Ino asks.

“Yea I think so....” Tsuyoi replies.

*in Ino’s head* wow, Segoi looks like Sasuke and Sai, and he is also nicer than Sasuke and has more feelings than Sai, I just might have hit the jackpot here!

“Ino, that is what you said? You have very long hair, it is quite beautiful, how long did it take to grow it out? Segoi says flustering.

*in Kyu’s head* seriously, Segoi? Flirting already…. Sheesh….

“*blushing* wow thanks, it has taken quite some time” Ino giggles.

“Alright enough flirting already! We have to come up with a strategy for going back; I can’t see why some people won’t come our way for people like you guys.” Shikamaru says.

“People like them?” Naruto inquires.

“idiot?! Were you not listening in the meeting with Tsunade. These people are from the most powerful village in this world. Every other village, including ours looks like a joke compared to theirs.” Shikamaru snipes back.

“Oh yea? Then how did their village get so destroyed…” Naruto mumbles.

“You bird brain! Remember, our villager was destroyed too so shut it! It was completely wiped out!” Sakura yells hitting Naruto on the top of the head.

“And our village isn’t destroyed we protected it. We just can’t stay up there and expect to live.” Kyu says giggling.

“Well then, we should expect this person to return for you later, shouldn’t we?” Kakashi inquires.

“Most definitely.” Kyu responds angrily imagining him.

“It is better that we figure out a way to make the upmost protection.” Shikamaru states looking around.

“Oh, are you a strategist?” Kyu says looking at Shikamaru.

“Yea, I guess” Shikamaru replies. In his head-->*oh crap theres that look that Shiho gives me all the time*

“Cool. Thank you for helping by the way, I don’t know if we ever said our official gratitudes” Kyu responds.

“Of course but before we get ahead of ourselves: it is going to take us a few days to get there.

“Mmm…Not technically.” Tsuyoi pipes in.

“Ga.. What do you mean?” Shikamaru turns to Tsuyoi.

“Well, like the Planet transportation jutsu, I can use Earth Transportation. I can travel between 100 mile radius. So unless we are that far away I can get us there in the morning. All you have to do is give me a drawing or something that resembles a main structure of the leaf village. But this justu takes a lot of chakra I need to rest to get all the chakra I need to do the jutsu.” Tsuyoi smiles hoping someone can draw.

“Well, I just realized I never introduced myself, I am Sai, I can do the drawing if you would like. It will be accurate” Sai says trying to smile.

“Ok um great” Tsuyoi says awkwardly as Sai tried to smile.


“Okay are we ready?” Tsuyoi asks.

“Almost.. let me just.. alright. Here.” Sai hands the realistic drawing of the Hidden Leaf Village Gate to Tsuyoi.                     

Tsuyoi closed her eyes and imagined the Hidden Leaf Village gate using the picture Sai drew. She did a few hands signs then said “Earth Transportation Jitsu!”                

A puff of smoke went off and they appeared a few feet from the front gate.

“That’s awesome. We are here. This is the main gate. Well i guess we are going to go to the hokage’s mansion first. She will help you from there.” Shikamaru says astonished at this ninja’s power.

“Yea that was great Tsuyoi!” Naruto yells!

“Is he always this loud, and are all of you going to stay with us?” Kyu asks.

“Sadly, yes. But, I am not staying I have… other duties to do.” Kakashi says pulling out his book.

“Sadly so do I, but I hope we can meet again sometime.” Sai says then disappears.

“I have to come with you guys, I have to give the report to Lady Tsunade.” Sakura says.

“Me and Shikamaru have to, we were assigned to escort you.” Naruto says still upset about being told he talks too much.

“Me too!” Ino giggles.

“No you...” Shikamaru starts.

“Shut it Shikamaru yes I was” Ino hits Shikamaru, then smiles at her newfound crush Segoi.

“Great!” Segoi replies smiling.

“After we take you to the mansion, we will go separate ways from there. Unless she wants my help any further with you three” Shikamaru continues.

“Why do you always have your hands in your pockets, isn’t it hard to fight like that?” Segio randomly questions.

“No.” Shikamaru replies looking away.

::Kyu’s Point of View::

Go. Just talk to him. He is so cute. But he is so lazy. I don’t know what I like about him. Just go you little wuss!

“Hey Shikamaru” I say.

“Umm hey Kyu, you uh need something?” Shikamaru replies.

“Um, yunno hopefully once we go our separate ways, we won’t severe our ties. Me and my siblings appreciate you saving us.” I say blushing.

“You’re welcome.” He replies almost with no interest in me.

“So what’s with that Naruto kid, everyone seems to like him and respect him as we walk by. I can tell that almost everyone looks as he walks” I say looking around the bulidings.

“About 2 or 3 years back the hidden leaf was attacked by the akatsuki leader Pain. He killed a lot of people. Naruto killed Pain revealing his controller Nagato. Naruto got Nagato to revive everybody and he saved the whole village. He has a really good chance of becoming Hokage one day. That’s pretty much the jist of it” Shikamaru states looking at smiling Naruto.

“Wow, that’s amazing, and now that I think about it, I think I have heard of him. And to state the maybe not obvious, let's just say the man who destroyed our village is as powerful as Pain. Oh and thanks extra for being our escort.” I wink.

“Um. No problem, it wasn’t too much of a drag.” Shikamaru says looking at the ground and turning red,

“Are you blushing??” I smile looking at his face almost hiding looking at the ground.

“Psh. What? No. I am not…”               

Shikamaru put his arm above his head,

“Uhh, this is it. The mansion.” He continues.                   

We followed Shikamaru, Naruto, Ino, and Sakura up the steps and to a door to a lady with a diamond on her forehead.

“You must be them. The girls from the Village hidden on the Moon. You are early. Very early. Almost, 4 days early. No matter, let’s get right to business. First off, I am glad you chose to stay with us. Now off topic, I guess if it would be alright, Kyukyoko and Segoi, I want you to participate in the Chunin Exams. They are exams Genin take to become Chunin. The reason I want you to do this is for you to blend in with the rest of the village.

“But me and Kyu, or Kyokyoko..” Segoi starts.

“I preferred to be called Kyu.” I interrupt.

“We are already Chunin?” Segoi continues.

“Yes you are, on the Moon. But for us, here on earth, where gravity is a little different. We will just have to see. Actually you know what, Tsuyoi, you should participate as well. You will be on a team, oh how lucky, Shikamaru, you are a Jonin, you will be their team leader.” Tsunade says looking Shikamaru dead in eyes.

“Wait Lady Tsunade..I am only a chunin?” Shikamaru shouts.

“That’s right, well, I will make an exception. *sighs*” Tsunade looks down, then looks up saying:




Ino….” She pauses then continues on;

“You will oversee these people of the moon, you will tell no one where they originate from. Shikamaru you will always be by Kyu’s side. You will be doing the same things as you did with Temari.” She stops to hear his response.

“Ah what a drag, I mean yes mam.” Shikamaru says grudgingly.

“Good! Now Ino, I want you to do the same with Segoi, that means waiting for him when he gets up and leaves his house, walking with him everywhere.” Ino nods her head then looks to Segoi with hearts in her eyes. “Sakura, I want you to do that with Tsuyoi, and Naruto, I want you to oversee their practice.”

“Yes ma’am” Naruto yells.

“Alright then, your team starts practice tomorrow at noon at the training field, I will oversee your abilities tomorrow, do not disappoint me!” Tsunade yells then shuffles them out to continue with paperwork.

Shikamaru, Ino, Sakura,and Naruto the say at the same time, “Yes ma’am!”

“Shizune! Lead them to their house!” Tsunade says.

Shikamaru and the three of us walked down the stairs to back outside.

“Well I will see you all tomorrow morning for practice then, since Shizune, you seem to be able to handle them?” Shizune nods but frowns at Shikamaru’s laziness.

“You guys go. I will catch up in a sec” I say.      

“Need to talk to me alone?” Shikamaru asks.

“How could you tell?” I say lightly laughing.

“Didn’t think you were going to talk to the frogs beside me.”

I giggle a little at the sarcasm. “Nope. Definitely not. Why look at a frog when I could look at a prince?” I blinked my eyes and almost smirked.

I leaned in close to Shikamaru. Barely 10 inches away from him. He stared at me as if he had never kissed someone. Has he? I mean he is really hot, how could he not of? But then again, these leaf ninja seem to make fun of each other more than they do go on dates.

“Umm. Maybe I…” Shikamaru became as red as tomato but did not move a muscle. He was shaking and I got almost feel his heart racing.

“Don’t talk. You’ll ruin it.” I smiled and looked into his eyes.                     

“Ruin what?” he tried to form the words but barely could.

I got less than 1/2 inch away from his lips, then I grabbed his face lightly and kissed him. He didn’t move at all. Then, he put his hands on my hips. 2 seconds later I let go. I smiled at him as he was still in utter shock.

“Well I should go before I lose sight of them.” I winked and ran ahead to my siblings and Shizune.

“Yea, I should… go to..” He looked at me still not being able to move. I mean I know he wasn’t expecting that but seriously? Must’ve been his first kiss then.

Fast Forward (FF>>>) to next morning, 11:48 a.m       

::Segoi's Point of View::

“Wake up Kyu! My gosh its past 11:45!!!” Tsuyoi yelled.

“Noooo… too tired….. Aghh!! Cold! Cold! Cold…..water!!!!!” Kyu jumped on the bed shaking the freezing water off of her.

“Technically rain haha” I laughed.

Then Kyu swept me off my feet and flew me onto the wall.

“Ow….. Kyu save that for the battle field!” I shouted.

5 minutes later.

“Okay are we all ready?” Kyu says smiling.

“We have been ready! We have been waiting for you!” Tsuyoi says with flames in her eyes.

“Sorry….. *mumbles not*”

“If we leave now we won’t be late, so let us go!” Segoi shouts.

“Morning sunshines!” Ino yells looking at Segoi.

“Yea, yea *yawns* morning.” Shikamaru says looking like he was just dragged by his ears to be there.

“You guys ready to meet up with Naruto?” Sakura questions.

“Ready as we’ll ever be.” I say.

“Umm… uhh, We are also meeting up with some other people as well. A couple of friends of mine.” Shikamaru said looking like someone just pulled down his pants. Someone is a little nervous or something.

----At the training field----

::3rd Person Point of View::

“So what are we doing?” Tsuyoi asks.

“Well I realized I don’t know your strengths yet, so I figured, that we should have a little sparring match to see what you are all capable of.  And we might as well just get right to it, first match will be Kyu against Naruto and Kakashi Sensei.

“The guy who saved the whole village. Smart…. And the Copycat ninja, don’t think we haven’t heard of you.” I said looking down, then looking up.

“haha.. Yea.. But that was ages ago. I am ready to fight!” Naruto shouts.

“Well I am as ready as I will ever be.” Kakashi pulls out a kunai.

“ Wait! I am not done. You see, to really reach your full potential, everyone needs to match up with two people. Also, I don’t doubt one person would be easy. As I said before Kyu, you will be against Naruto and Kakashi. Segoi, you will be against me and Ino. And Tsuyoi, you will be against Sakura and our friend Kiba Inuzuka.

“I got asked to fight a moon ninja, so how could I resist? Hey my names Kiba.” Kiba says holding out his hand. “And this is my dog Akamaru!”

“Cute dog,” Tsuyoi says until Akamaru growls. “Or not.. Or not” She pulls her hand away and steps back.

“Okay, unless there’s nothing else to be said, let’s get started!” Shikamaru yells.

“I am ready!” Naruto shouts, then positions himself.

“Since this probably won’t be a walk in the park, I guess I might need this.” Kakashi pulls his mask up and says, “Sharingan!”

“Ready…. Begin!” Shikamaru jumps back not to get in to way of the fight.

Kyu’s Point of View.

So, I already know about Kakashi, but I don’t know that much about Naruto. Maybe if we spar a little more, I can figure out who this guy is…

I pulled up my sword from my back and ran towards Naruto. I disappeared to behind Kakashi.

“Don’t you know the rules, don’t let your opponent get behind you.” I smirk. *In head* Shadow Clone Jutsu*

After that I had a clone appear in front of Naruto. My clone grabbed out a fan from her pocket. Naruto started to fight with Taijustu but my clone counterattacked him with a kick landing him on the ground. I held Kakashi with a sword to his throat. I looked back to my clone as she bit her thumb and drew a line of blood on the fan.

“Ninja Art: Ultimate Chakra Pull!” She yelled.

My clone flew her arm backwards and pulled all of the chakra out of Naruto revealing a streak of bright blue. She flew the chakra at me and I received it overflowing my chakra for ultimate power. But, as I looked back at Naruto, I was stunned.

Naruto said in his head “Dang it! What do I do now? Of course…. I will just have to draw the nine tails power….”           

Just then Naruto got up slowly and went in a standing position. Red chakra started flowing around him.

Naruto Uzamaki! Of course! Well, now I do know one thing about him. He is like me.

I then raised my hand and shouted “Wait! Pause cancel, whatever. Question?”

“What!?” Naruto yelled stopping the flow of chakra.

I walked in front of Kakashi, and my clone dissipated.

“Wooh....” Kakashi shook his head.

“umm, I uhh, fine what is it Kyu?” Shikamaru asked confusingly.

“Naruto, I knew that name sounded familiar. The nine tailed fox, what another great reason to pit me against him Shikamaru… who told you?” I asked.

“Wha….?” Naruto tried to say, he then looked back at Shikamaru

“Told me what?” Shikamaru questioned  In his mind: What in the world is going on? Could it be.. Tsunade had told me about it… not specifically….But it couldn’t be. Is she the?? Did I kiss the???

“Well, Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, everyone, many years ago, the world put the tailed beasts in humans. Like Gaara, the Kazekage who used to have the one tail and orange jumpsuit over there has the nine tailed. After everyone continually fought over them the strongest villages took hold of the beasts.

“yea yea we know that already, what about it?!” Naruto yelled.

“The Hidden Leaf is considered a strong village right?” I looked at Naruto, then Kakashi.

“Yes, considerably speaking” Kakashi replied.

“Well, after all the beasts were sealed we were no longer the strong nation. So our leaders, they made one.” I said.

“Made one what?” Ino asked.

Tsuyoi piped in, “A beast. We had heard about the Sage of the Six Paths and the ten tails and we thought we could reincarnate a different version of it. We did. We created a beast that if sealed in someone the person could control the rotation of the planets, could control gravity, inertia, etc. I don’t know how they did, but they did. They created it almost as a protector of the moon village”

Then Segoi stepped forward and continued for Tsuyoi, “Well, after they realized that, this person, or whatever person had the beast sealed inside them, was considered the protector of the moon. Every 50 years this curse would have to be transferred to someone. If this someone dies before transferring, the moon will disappear putting the world in grave danger.”

“Oh, And the last thing, this protector, if pushed too far would turn into a beast. Just like all the other Jinchuriki’s. A beast called a ten-tailed dragon. It was created mixing DNA of the other tailed beasts. Very few people know about this. Each tail represents something of the sky or one of the elements.” I said.

“To break it down, One clouds. Two stars. Three moon. Four sun. Five earth. Six water. Seven Air. Eight fire, and this doesn’t just come out the tail either. Nine Planets, and ten light/ darkness. This meant the person or dragon could move or control any of these things when faced with life or death while this dragon was emerged.” Tsuyoi looked at me then looked down.

“Unlike the other tailed beasts, this beast could emerge and the person would still have complete control over the beast. When the ten tails re-emerged with Madara Uchiha, Kyu was in a coma for weeks, because of the other ten tails emerging.” Segoi looked at me.

“So, to end. This person. This person who was cursed… Was… Is… Me.” I looked at everyone as fear and surprise filled their faces,
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