Old Foxy x Mangle Part 1: Really cute couple.

Old Foxy x Mangle Part 1: Really cute couple.

Foxy x Mangle. Is a good story. I hope you like it and be fine at it! OF COURSE

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Chapter 1.
Old Foxy and The Mangle

Old Foxy and The Mangle

Is the first day at Toy Freddy Fazbear. All kids was so happy for see all animatronic.
Toy Bonnie says: O-over here is M-M-Man-gle!!-!
Mangle see all child with sa smile!
Mangle says: Hi C-Child! W--
They are all broking Mangle.
Mangle is so sad.
She see something special to him. She do like a spider.
She up.
Toy Freddy says: God n-no Mangle! Im ssso s-sad for y-ou!
Toy Chica say the same of Toy Freddy.
When the child going away.
Puppet repear Mangle.
Mangle is extremly happy.
She walking on the wall and see a door wright : Part & service.
She opening the door.
She see Old Freddy, Old Bonnie and Old Chica.
Mangle say: Hi??
They are all on!
But Old Foxy wake up.
He see Mangle
Old Foxy says : Hey w-who are you? M-my na-ames is OldF-oxy.
Mangle says : Me Man-gle.
Old Foxy says : C-cute n-ame! Wanna Hangin-ouuut?
Mangle blushing and saying : S-sure! o///o
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Comments (3)

@toughwolf3, Thx :3 Chapterfavorit?
on September 01, 2016
The grammar bothers me. But overall its cute.
on September 01, 2016
It was my story :3
on August 31, 2016