The Day We Marched (Camile's side)

The Day We Marched (Camile's side)

This book is about Camile. She is a young Jewish girl in the Haulocaust.

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Chapter 1.

The beginning

Camile was so happy. She had the best life ever! Well, I guess I should introduce her to you guys. Camile is 12. She is 5' 2" and she is always happy. She has green eyes, pine tree green, and long amber hair. She is not what Hitler called perfect but the Holocaust hadn't even started yet.
It was Camile's 12th birthday yesterday. Today she was hanging out with her friend., Nathalia.Then Camile heard a loud noise. Nathalia's mother came storming in.
"Get down to the basement! Get down now!"
They ran as fast as they could.
"What's happening?" Camile asked
"They are coming, they are coming for us!"
"Who's they?"
"The Nazis. Now be quiet they might hear us"
About an hour later Nathalia's mother went upstairs.
"We are clear, you can come up girls."
They both came up.
"I thing we better get you home for the sake of your safety, Camile"
"I am scared to leave though"
"I will be right with you"
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