Elina Violets - the really real me...

Elina Violets - the really real me...

Since I got 100 followers, I'd promise I'd tell who I really am. I was scared people would hate so I waited... very long... You didn't really think my names Elina Violets did ya, well read more about it ^-^

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The really real me

"E-o people of qfeast, Elina here. Since I got 100 followers and up I decided to make a story about the really real me.

*10 minutes before story published*
Elina: *intently looks at screen at the ''publish'' button*
Ray: *face-palms* "You promised yourself you'd tell everyone about your other real half when you reached at a 100 followers. Well, press send won't ya."
Elina: *looks at Ray* But-But, what if the would come to ignore me. or worse, hate me... "*forms a ball sobbing a bit* "...*snicks* you know I'm not a selfie-person..."
Ray: "well sobbing isn't gonna help you either."
Elina: "looks at Ray again* "... *snick* you're probably right, I guess... *looks at screen* well here goes everything.." *presses send*...

I did this and is the story... :

Real name: Shanna
Real middle-name: Elise
Real last name: (don't wanna tell souly cauze this is the internet)
nickname: don't have one
Years old: I'm a Thirteen-ager, so I'm 13. (I don't look like it do I...)
Birthday: 3 October
live on... : Curacao
character: You might think I'm shy, but I'm actually not. I love making laughable jokes and I even a own hyper form when I'm bored, hungry or sleepy.
pet peeves: I hate when I can't trust my friends. I really don't mind jokes cause I'm a fan of them myself but, Trust is one of the things I'd see in a friend of mine.
likes to do: horse-riding, making stuff, playing video-games, watch youtube, go on qfeast and so on...

color hair: brown-goldish
color skin: white, but a bit red and more brown.
color eyes: brown-greenish
height: longer than a normal thirteen-ager
anything else: wears a pair of glasses and ear-rings

Fav color: purple (some things never change)
Fav animal: horse
Fav anime: don't have one in particular (I belong to Allot)

how I came to qfeast: well, a youtuber has a website about her and her awesome story about wolves and there there was a quiz which one of the characters you represent. So that's how I found qfeast, became a member and bin here ever since...

Elina Violets is the internet side of me, and will forever be. since Internet can do allot when it knows your real identity.
I created Elina Violets in 2012 while a boring summer. me and my cousin Cloe made a story about a girl that-... The story will be on qfeast when I'm done wrighting everything about it.
I also created Ray and camera but I'll tell you about them in the future...

I'd probably forgot a bunch so you can ask questions down below.
This is Elina- sorry, Shanna and till next time ^-^
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