short stories (1)

short stories (1)

you will have fun reading hammer poems and more. Honest caring helpful friendly spunky outgoing loving nice day

published on October 27, 201510 reads 4 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
the day

the day

Again you found yourself hoping for the last day,
to be like a man whose debts are paid and rises
with the sun to walk to work alone through a green valley.

The birds he cannot name, the sun shines as he remembered
it did. His shoes kick up tiny clouds of dust on the path.
He hums idly and carries his coat under his arm.

He thinks of a lewd joke to tell his wife in the kitchen,
vows to spend more time with his children. How wonderful,
he thinks it is, to be a righteous man
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Comments (1)

i hope you like my book.
sorry if you can not understand some of words. _):_(:
on October 27, 2015