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A couple of sad stories I've come up with. Just a warning: There will be death and blood. Just a warning! Don't like? Don't read!

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Chapter 2.
See You Again

See You Again

A Mobian cat, lay in a field. Flowers sprouting here and there. Her red t-shirt and blue short disheveled. Her red shoes tossed aside. Her blue eyes shut happily. Her arms were crossed behind her head, her cat ears twitching, and a content smile spread across her face. A cinnamon scent wafted from her.

“Yin! Are you out there?” A male’s voice tiredly called. The cat sat up, “Yang?” she replied. “There you are! Yin, I’ve been looking for you!”

The male, Mobian hedgehog ran, groggily, towards her. His green eyes half lidded, and tired. His short spiky hair messy, and sticking out everywhere. His shirt missing as usual and his jeans wrinkled. His comforting apple scent invaded Yin’s nose.

Yang dropped to his knees and sniffled. “Y-you worried me.” He cried, pulling Yin towards his chest. Yang’s sudden movements startled Yin, because Yang is usually hesitant and shy. Yin wrapped her arms around the sobbing male. “I-i-if anything were t-to happen to y-you, I’d n-never forgive myself.” He bawled. The cat comforted the crying male.

Yang, after about a hour, fell asleep in Yin’s arms. Yin, with her awesome as f*ck hearing, heard a whirring noise. Mumbling a few select words, she gently set Yang in the tall grass.  (I hope a legendary pokemon doesn’t come. I forgot my pokeballs XD)  She followed her senses and came across the notorious Dr. Robotnik. “What are you doing here?!” Yin shouted angrily. “Oh. Why, dear. I’ve come for you!” The man, with his bushy mustache wiggling, replied. “Well... There’s a few complications to that.” Yin sassed, dodging Robotnik’s bots.

One of the pellets, which the Dr. was shooting at her, grazed her arm. Yin yelped in pain, but continued to move. “You’ve been getting in my way, Yin.” Robotnik shouted, shooting more pellets. Multiple either grazed, or  hit directly into her abdomen and limb. Yin’s face was drenched in tears, she didn’t want to die, and she didn’t want Yang to get hurt. So she forced a pained smile on her face, “Is that all you got, you old fart.”

The doctor frowned. As more of his bots came for her, finally able to reach one of her legs. They pulled on it, making her tumble over. The bots tackled her, and pinned her down. Dr. Robotink jump out of his transportation, with a small ray gun.

Yin struggled as blood and tears, dripped from her body. “Please! I can’t leave him!” She cried out, finally showing her weakness. “I can’t do that to him! He’ll fall apart!”

“So, is that what you’re afraid of? That weak boy?” The man teased. “He’s not weak! He is amazing! Stay away from him!” Yin shouted. “Oh him, I won’t bother with. He doesn’t get in my way. To afraid to. Afraid that I’ll blast of his head!” Robotink yelled. Knowing she wouldn't make it, she spoke her last words, "Tell Yang… I'm pregnant." Taking aim at Yin’s head he pulled the trigger, and blood, brain, and bits of her skull flew everywhere.

Yang woke up, hearing shouts, and a loud bang. He realizes, Yin’s not next him, as he had expected. “Yin!?” He shouted. He heard a distant whirring, and saw Dr. Robotink’s transportation flying over head. He gasped and ran in the direction it came from. “Please, please, please.” he chanted. He stopped in front of Yin’s, bloody, lifeless body. “YIN?!” Yang cried.

He wrapped himself around her corpse. “I love you, Yin.” He whispered in her deaf ear. Tears streamed down his face. Her picked her up, looking at her face. A look of pain, but yet bliss, frozen on her face. “I’m so sorry.” He began to walk. To where? He didn’t know.

He walked far into the night, leaving his friends following, worried for him. They had asked questions, but he did not answer. Finally, he sat to rest under an oak tree. The others, which included Sonic, Tails, Amy, and surprisingly, Shadow, sat and rested along with him.

Yang knew, because they were the Yin and Yang in this world, life would be thrown into chaos. Or at least his would be. With out Yin, he is nothing. He pulled the pocket knife out of his pants pocket, studying it. He looked around, seeing everyone was asleep. He opened the knife, and pressed it against his throat. “I’m sorry... Yin.” He whimpered and he dragged the blade across his jugular, causing blood to spill. His blood mingled with Yin’s dried blood. It stained his shirtless front, Yin’s face and the ground around him.

He closed his eyes, and smiled painfully, happy he would see his beloved again...
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I hated it! Whyyyyyy 😭😭😭😭
on November 02, 2017
Dr. Robotnik: *throws the pellets*
Me: did dr. Robotnik and flowey join forces..?
I literally wrote this like a year ago--
on March 17, 2017
on March 16, 2017
Oh my....
*sits in a corner and cries*
on March 16, 2017
on March 12, 2016