DNA F-up

DNA F-up

This is a harry potter fanfiction with two oc's weird and funny actions involved. Join Leif and Emily as they embark on tackling the strange new place different yet similar to their own. Based in Book 5 ~warning Umbridge bashing~

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One – the accident

Emily’s pov
“WATCH OUT!” yells Leif as he pushes me out of the way knowing the effects of the DNA crash but even his best tries failed as I black out. “You’re going be okay Emily, I’ll make sure of it!” says a voice, wow if this is what the sweet release of death feels like. Funny actually here I am dying or something and I don’t have a care in the world anyway let me introduce myself, my name is Emily W. Spector and I am 25 years old, my placement of work is at a DNA lab with my friend Leif E. Wickie. We have both work at this lab for about 5 years and have found that only us two can work together cause others mess up our work, which has just happened. “What?” “OH THANK GOD! E! I thought you died! Don’t ever do something like that again!” Leif stresses, “Damn and here I thought I was going to be relieved of the hell called life!” “Emily, don’t say things like that! Anyway the doctors did some test and it turns out that both of our DNA have been changed up…like you now can use chakra and I can do freaky skeleton magic.” “How the hell does that work Leif!?” “I don’t know, please don’t be mad at me! We could use my powers to timeline jump or is it called dimension jumping…anyway! We could go to any Dimension and come back or do more traveling…” then he mutters something after that. “Fine, if it will help me get this crap under control then let’s go.” “I don’t think you want to go looking like that.” He says while pointing at my outfit which consist of burnt lab coat, torn up pants and shirt. “HOLY SHIT! Did you bring spare clothes?” I get a short answer “No.” “Really, you can run me to a hospital but can’t get me spare god damn clothes” “sorry, I’m not some super human! Well technically now I am but you get the point!” he snaps back. “Come on let’s get going!!!” he yells while grabbing me and teleports to a random dimension.
Leif’s pov
“SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!” I yell while falling through a roof and landing on a table with Emily. “Ow that hurt. Spec’s you okay?” “What the hell Leif! We could have died!” “But we didn’t! You could say that was a back breaking experience.” “Leif, no. Bad.” She says while hitting me in the face. “Wait Spec’s stop and look around” She stops and sees a crap ton of eyes staring at us. “Excuse me but who and what gave you permission fall through the roof of the great hall?” says a fat toad looking lady “And Whodafuqareyou?” “I am Professor Umbridge and who are you?” “Someone who could kill you in a heartbeat.” I say while cracking my knuckles. Then Emily starts to tap on my shoulder saying “I wouldn’t do that, da” “what?” I say while turning to face Emily, “why can’t I?” “We have young eyes watching, da” “well I don’t caaaaaaaarrrre!” I say while falling over off the table. “Excuse me, Children but if you want to sit at a table we will have to sort into a house” said a very old looking guy “who put the dinosaur in charge?” “Well, my name is Professor Dumbledore and I am the headmaster of this school.” “Oh, so the old guy and fat toad are the only ones who actually want to speak to us. Damn and I thought I was awesome at making friends.” I says while sitting in a corner with a rain cloud above my head. “Really, Leif? Back at the anime style things again” “Yes!” I snap back as the room went dead silence.
Next chapter meeting the sorting and the golden trio.
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awesome! X3
on May 31, 2016
on May 31, 2016