This is just my idea of what Amaze Stark would be like if Toriel died right in front of him and he lost all faith in humans. this has nothing to do with the Undertale - A New Beginning series.

published on April 26, 201735 reads 8 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Nothing I could do

I rush down the stairs to the battle room to find Toriel fighting a kid in a green sweater with a yellow stripe and a knife. I rush to help but just as i start running I see the kid attack and hit Toriel. I stop in my tracks and then I hear Toriel say "You really hate me that much?". I watch in horror as Toriel looks at me then drops to her knee and turns to ash.
I begin to cry as the kid leaves the battle room. I walk over to Toriel's ashes and Pick up a hat that I made for her and put it on. I start laughing like a maniac and my eyes turn orange. "I hope you're ready kid, because you're gonna pay for what you've done." I said evilly. I take Toriel ashes and put them in a urn and bury it.
I walk out the battle room door and follow the steps that the kid had left in the snow.
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;-; oh no....he never killed her... ;-; and she's a little JERK! If I met I would kill her so quickly- I mean Good Story really hooked me
on May 03, 2017