Henrys diary

I started the diary because I can't remember what the fucck i do during the day

published on August 0914 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


I have basically done nothing today,j relaxed,cleaned. Got into a fight with Vin then we broke up but its okay cuz we got back 2gether, i start skool tomorrow so wish me luck also i have to have my mom with me till i go into the classrooms or ill will start sobbing my eyes out, but only on the first day idk im weird like that, might ask to get tested 4 seperation anxiety bc i very likely have it lmao, also i figured out how to do my curtain bangs even tho i burned myself :( but anygays i j talked to Vin,og friend #1,Tommy and Mills so yeah that was fun
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