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Chapter 1.
Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

We are Pretty Little Liars.

I am Ali.
They think I am dead.
They are wrong.
I was buried.
Buried alive.
Only buried,
kept still.
But I rose.
I rose like
I always have.
And I know
That the Liars
Are in Big Trouble.

I am Aria.
Aria Montgomery.
I am creative,
I used to love
Ezra. Ezra was
My English Teacher.
But Ezra
Was A.
A is
who many
People play A?
A is an act
And I am
In the Play.

I am Emily
Emily Fields.
I loved
A girl, once.
But now, she
Is gone.
My secrets
Go beyond your wildest dreams.
Call me
I am coy as you'll
never know.
Mountains of
rise inside
I need to find
A way to leave
My horrid past
behind me.

I am Hanna.
Hanna Marin.
Beautiful, powerful
Hanna Marin.
My life?
Don't ask me.
My life is
concealed under
a pile
of secrets.
I have
a show
about my life.
And, I have so many secrets
You won't believe
The number.
I used to be
Not anymore.
I used some
Ugly Tricks to
Stay beautiful.
The Rosewood Police will find
My secrets and me,
But hopefully,
wedding Bells
Will ring.

I am Spencer.
Spencer Hastings.
I am
An A plus
I will be
A student
For the rest of my life.
The police
Find me.
Than, in the same cell as Hanna,
I will throw
A tennis ball
Against pure concrete,
And I will
Scrape markings
In the
Wall, marking
The days
Until I
Get out.
If I do.
At least,
That's math.

We are the Pretty Little Liars. We hide secrets. What will happen to us? Find out in Sara Sheperd's last novel, Vicious, coming out December 4.
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