Queen Ezra

Queen Ezra

YAY! I got engaged to my favorite chameleon Espio! This is in the future so I hope you enjoy

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Chapter 1.


I ran through Amy's door. "AH!" I said jumping on her couch. Nikki was there with Ox. "OMG! What is it?" Amy asked concerned. I held out my hand with a ring on it. "AH! He proposed?" Amy asked. I nodded. We both jumped on her couch. "Wait? What? I'm so confused." Nikki said. "Espio proposed to me!" I said excited. "OMG!" Nikki said. "I'm so excited!" I said. "Wait... does your parents know?" Nikki asked. I nodded. "Espio had to ask for my dad's blessing." I answered. I smiled real big. It happened just like this: Me and Espio were sitting underneath a cherry blossom tree. "I love you Ezra." Espio said. I smiled at him. "I love you too." I said. He got up and got on one knee and held my hands. "Princess Ezra the Wolfbit, I was wondering if you would make me the happiest mobian in the world and marry me?" He said. I started to cry with happy tears. "Of course I will Espio!" I said. Espio pulled out a ring and put on my finger. He lifted me up and spun me around. Then that's when I ran into Amy's house. "So... who's going to be the flower girl?" Amy asked. "I was thinking of Nikki."

"Really?" Nikki asked. "Really." I answered. "My sister Joy is going to be my Maid of Honor." I said. "And I'm still working out the bridesmaids."

"Don't worry about it." Amy said. "Come on we have to tell everyone we know!" Nikki said dragging me out the house.
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Aww that's so romantic!
on August 09, 2014
on August 03, 2014