My life living with creepypastas

My life living with creepypastas

In this book you will read about the life of Lynn A.K.A. Whis living with the creepypastas and the drama and humor that goes with it.

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Chapter 1.
My past

My past

It all started with a question I was only 3 years old, Lynn didn't know where her mom was and asked her dad, " Daddy where is mommy? is she in the war?" then he slaped me across the face I hit the floor. Then my father just yelled at me and said" You look just like her but you killed her so, WHO ARE YOU?" then I ran to my room scared then he followed me and abused me I didn't know what to do. 8 years later of abuse he said to me" you are a killer ever since birth." then I ran out the door into the woods hoping to never go back I just kept running and running and didn't stop until I heard him yell my name then someone pulled me back into a bush and said" Don't worry I`m here to help you I`m going to take you to the slender man mansion."
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