Epic pranks

Here are some epic And cool pranks that will leave the victim wondering what is going on.

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Chapter 1.

Kool-aid shower, no clean soap, popping potty

Kool-aid shower:

You will need:
Shower head

Take your showerhead and unscrew it. Now take your spoon and scoop out some Kool-aid. Fill the top of the shower head with the Kool-aid. Try to get as much spoonfuls of Kool-aid as you can into the shower head. Then when you can't fill it anymore screw the shower head back on and wait for someone to shower. When they turn on the water, they will see red water (which is cool aid) coming out of the shower.

No clean soap:

You will need:
A bar of soap
Clear nail polish

Take the clear nail polish and take out the brush. Then take the paint and soap. Paint the polish all over the soap until it is completely covered. Then when the victim steps into the shower and they wash up. The soap will not sudd up and they will be left unclean, which defeats the whole purpose of taking a shower.

Popping potty:

You will need:
Bubble wrap
A toilet


Take the bubble wrap and tape. Put the tape on the bubble wrap so it will stick to the wrap, and e toilet seat. Take the bubble wrap, lift up the toilet seat, and cover the entire bottom of the toilet seat with bubble wrap. Make sure it is not visible when you put the toilet seat down. When the victim sits on the toilet, it will pop.
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How are these "epic" when you made your friends waste time and have no friend
on April 08, 2017