Blood rain (1)

Blood rain (1)

A story about a alien called storma or stroma traditional, its a story of revenge "=talking '=thoughts

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Chapter 1.

the beggining

In the light of a dim room, Storma told his story. Of how he came to be who he is, he told the story to four other men who were not that different from himself. He had an easy life growing up, being the prince of stormdron of course. Stormdron is planet far from earth (where of which he is now). Its people are named Stormdrones. There are three different Stormdron planets Stormdron left, right and centre, they do not have an orbit and they do not move, but still a great place.

Stroma’s traditional name is Stroma, his father is King Storm and he has a brother named Thunder or Thuun. His mother died during birth of Thuun, she will remain unnamed. All was well until when he was ten and an alien came to their planet, his name was Marenteth, he came and slaughtered King storm during the night, when he was most weak.

Storma had to take the thrown, for he was heir to it. But no he fled, he fled off the planet nobody knows how a ten-year-old boy could just disappear like that, there is no way he could teleport, he is only ten. Storma to this day wont say how he escaped, all they know is that five years later they found him, 15 and living on earth. They sent him a message saying thunder, his brother had taken the thrown for there was no one else

He roamed the earth stealing the currency of the planet strait out of the wallets of people drunk at bars, it was easy because they were so out of it “stupid drunks that cant handle there drinks”. Lucky for him stordronian was very similar to earthling or as they call it, English. He quickly learned the language. It was easy. Storma is a very smart and strategic man.

He had wandered far from where he landed, for two whole years he was stealing for his living, learning the ways of the people, the people were not sure of him because he was an alien that had not taken a side on the war that had torn the land. It a war between two brothers that were kiris, he did not know the name of their planet. There was the ‘good guys’ the kingdom of Hell fire, “hmmph some good guy, your name refers to a place of doom” Storma thought to himself when he had heard about it. And the other brother, Dark fire, a man that sticks to what he thinks is right.

Dark fire is very destructive in his way, in his mind Chaos help you get your point across. That’s what the difference is between them, same purpose, but a different approach. Hell fire believes that Chaos is not the option. The big goal was for all races to unite as one to stop any unnescery fighting. Hell wishes to do so by having wars in a safe environment, and to not be forced into it, Dark believes that to stop war you need to kill all those that are creating the problem, including his brother and himself.

Storma when he found this information knew that he wanted to join Dark fire. He believes both points are valid but if you don’t kill the problem, it will just keep returning. Therefore, he set off to join lord dark fire because he believed that this is where he would make his mark, he wasn’t half wrong.
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