Another Real Life Scary Story

I've written before about my experiences with stalkers, but never my experiences with the's probably not going to be that scary, but at least it's the truth.

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Are You Ever Really Alone?

Let me just start of by saying I'm not exactly what you would call a believer in the supernatural. No matter the evidence I always manage to stay a skeptic. I am the only non believer in my house and the other members of my family seen to think that there is some being living with us. They say they've had weird dreams and woken to find a figure watching them (often described as a young boy or small child). Other clams range from simply feeling cold or watched. A lot of these occurences happen in our basement. I myself have been down there one occasion and had some strange experiences. Doors have closed and hit me in the head twice (without a draft). Also there was a time when I was using Netflix on the tv in the basement and, without anyone touching the remote, it suddenly began typing "Anthony" in the search bar. Anthony Hopkins showed up in the search so I have forever dubed this supposed Spector "The Anthony Hopkins Fan" My family often gets angry with me for mocking it, blaming strange noises on "the Anthony Hopkins fan".

Well anways, before the Hopkins fan received his name a particular experience I had will forever stick out in my mind. I was nearing the end of my 7th grade school year and for some reason my best friend and I thought it was extremely cool to have arm casts. We wanted everyone to sign out casts just like you would a year book so we devised a twisted plan to break our own wrists. (I know that's really messed up, but what can I say I was such a little freak). We had decided she would stay the night at my house to do the breaking. We waited till late at night so my parents wouldn't know what we were doing and off course we had to do it in my basement so my parents couldnt hear us either. In preparation for the break we took some migraine medicine thinking that would numb the pain. Thankfully we chickened out and never want through with it, but as we were sitting in the basement trying to psych ourselves up some strange and very frightening things occured.

First was the sighting. My friend and eye were sitting talking, my back was turned to the stairs. Suddenly my friend had stopped mid sentence and was staring, transfixed at the bottom of the stair case. I asked her what was wrong, to afraid to turn around and look for myself, but she didn't answer. She was silent for a few more seconds while she dug her nails into my arm andher eyes started to tear up. We were both frozen in fear and yet I hadn't even seen what was the sorce of it. After a few more agonizing seconds of silence she look back towards the stair case and finally decided it was okay to speak. "I'm going upstairs." She blurted before darting for the stairs. I was right behind her. Once we were safe in my living room she finally explained what had happened. She said she had seen a man peering at us from around the corner of the wall. She had described him as having pale skin, pale blonde hair, tall and looking older. She said he had been stating at us with a smile on his face. That's what had parralized her with fear. I didn't know what to think. As I've stated before I don't really believe in the supernatural and often mock it so I kind of made fun of her and slowly convinced her that she was just seeing things. Eventually we returned to the basement and resumed planning how to break our wrists. A few hours had passed and neither of us were scared anymore.

That was until I heard something. In the other side of the stair case is a storage area filled with cardboard box's of my aunt's things. Will be were talking I heard the sound of a heavy cardboard box being placed in another. It didn't sound like one simply falling over, but being picked up and moved. I assumed I was just heading things, but I repeatedly heard these sounds and then the final straw was when I heard, very loudly the sound of a cardboard box being pushed aross the cement floor. Again we ran up stairs, but this time just before I reached the top I heard a very distinct voice directly in my ear say "Get out" I remember it sounded like my dad's voice, but seeing as he was two floors up that didn't make sense. And it sounded as if the voice was sponken right into my ear. When were for upstairs I told we friend what I had heard and then we both stayed up stairs the rest of the night.

The next morning we had to get her bag out of the basement so she could go home. Neither of us wanted to go down there, but we also didn't want to talk my parents what we had seen so we sucked it up. Once a hot down there we say that the tv was on... we had not turned it in the night before, but it was in now. After that I ddint to into the basement for a few months....

... I know that's kind of an anti climaxtic ending, but that's how it happened. I still don't fully believe that anything is here, but you never really can tell. Tell me what you think!
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