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Savvy is the new girl at school she just moved to the school ocd that her best friend moved to 4 year ago. will she still be friend with her lets see.

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The begging

“Savvy, its time” said Savvy’s mom. Savvy sighed. New school, new life.
“Mom, what school am I going to anyway?” asked Savvy.
“I don't know,” said her mom.
“You are going to orange county day.  One of the top schools in California.”Said her Dad.
“Oh my gosh. That is where my bffl ( best friend for life.) Brooklyn goes” she said, jumping up and down.
*Flash back*
“Brooky is this really happening? “asked Savvy.  
“I’m afraid so.” Brooklyn answers back with a crack in her voice.
“We will call and email each other every night ,right?” said Savvy, starting to cry.
“Yes we will.” said Brooklyn.
“Do you think I will fit in at school?” said Brooklyn.
“ Definitely. before you know it you will be the most popular girl in school.” said Savvy.
“Brooklyn, time to go now.” said Brooklyn’s mom.
“BFFL’s forever?’ said Savvy.
“Bffl’s for life!” answered Brooklyn. Then they both hug.  

* End of flashback*          
“ Do you think she will still like you, or even remeber you, if she has not been returning your calls and emails?” said her Mom.
“Yes she will. Her phone and computer must be broken or she has a lot of things to do” said Savvy.
“Ok, then get in the car, and lets go and start a new life!” said her Dad.
“New job, new people, and new opportunities.” said her Mom.
“Ok then, can we go? I just can't wait to see Brooklyn again.” said Savvy.          
Chapter Two
Hello Brooklyn?
Here I am Orange County day, or OCD for short. Hmm, I wonder where Brooklyn is. Thought Savvy.The school was this large canvas.There was just one huge brick building. There was a huge sign that said at the top of the school. “ Orange County Day.” There kids on their skateboards. There were also kids making out. I don’t want to be overthere. Thought Savvy. Savvy felt overwhelmed. She was not in here small homeschool habitat. There were just so many kids. Clubs and clicks. I am ready to go. I have my best clothing on and… Savvy stop to here.
“Nice glasses.” said a boy in a uniform that appears to be a jock.
“Oh thank you.” Savvy said smiling.
“That was not a compliment.” The boy said giving the two jocks next to him a high five.
Savvy looked down. Maybe I might not fit in.I knew it. No one would like me. I am not posh like the other kids.But once i find broo.. A nerdy looking girl bumped in to her. Savvy dropped all of her books.
“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. Are you new here?” Asked the nerdy girl.
“Yes I am. My name is Savannah Reed. But I like to go by the nickname Savvy.”She said introducing herself.
“My name is Angelina Davis. I go by Anggy. Whatever you do, do not call me Angel. So where is your locker?” Asked Anggy.
“ Locker 187.” said Savvy with no sense of direction.                                 “ Oh, that is right next to mine.” said Anggy smiling. “Right this way.”
“Thank you.” said Savvy.
“Here’s your locker. 187.” said Anggy.
“ Hello there.” said a short strange girl.
“ Oh, this is my best friend Genny. Well here real name is Genevieve Ryan.” said Anggy.
“ Well, nice to meet you.” said Savvy.
“So tell me, where are you from?” Asked Genny.
“I’m from Montana. I was homeschooled until now.” said Savvy looking down. They must hate me now. They know that I am different.
“Cool.” Said Genny smiling.
Wow I was not expecting that. Thought Savvy starting to feel better.
“Ok let me tell you the basics. Over there are the nerds, there are the jocks, and there…”Anggy stopped by Genny.
“ Barbie alert! Barbie alert.” said Genny.
“ What?” said Savvy.         
“The Barbies the most popular girls in school. There’s Alicia Hamilton, Rachel Rivera, and the meanest girl in school, the queen Barbie herself, Brook Hayes.” said Anggy looking at them as if she hated them or something.Wow. It’s Brooky. What should I do. Run up to her and say hi. She will know it is me!!Savvy then started running towards Brook.
“ Brooky. Brooklyn. It”s me Savvy!!!” said Savvy shouting with glee.
“ Um who are you? Judging by your clothing you must be a poor new girl.” said Brooklyn.
“Brooklyn It’s me Savvy.” said Savvy looking down.
“ Brooklyn? Your real name is Brooklyn?” said Alicia.
“Ugh, well you Savvy girl just leave me alone!” said Brooklyn in a mad tone of voice.
“Oh come on Brooky, this is a funny prank. So see you at lunch.” Said Savvy smiling. Brooklyn just walked off.
Anggy and Genny ran up to Savvy.
“What do you think you’re doing Savvy?” said Anggy.
“Just saying hi to my best friend.” Answer Savvy.
“ Best Friend. You must be thinking strange things.” said Genny.
“Brooky and I were best friends back in Montana.” Smiled Savvy.
“She was just pulling a prank on me like we used to.”
“Ok then, what’s your first class?” Asked Anggy.
“ Ap english with Mr. Berk.” said Savvy.
“Same!” said Genny.
“You two are lucky. I have math with Miss Silva. She is so creepy. She talks in a whisper. And if you interrupt her she will just stare at you.” said Anggy.  
“Ok then, Genny show me the way.” said Savvy.
“Ok then, lets go.” said Genny.
“ Bye, see you two at lunch.”said Anggy.  

Chapter 3
“ Here we are.” said Genny.
“ Wow who is that?” Asked Savvy.
“ I knew that was coming. That is Sage Bond. The hottest boy at ocd. But he is taken by Brook. We need to sit down now. Class is starting.” said Genny.
Later at lunch.  
“ Brooky!”  Savvy yelled across the cafe. Brook was kissing her boyfriend Sage. She turned to see Savvy running towards her.
“ Hi Savvy. My Bffl.”said Brooklyn with a grin on her face.
“So you do remember me.” said Savvy moving her glasses up to the top of her nose.
“ Of course I do Savvy. Come with me so we can catch up.”  said Brooklyn. Savvy followed brooklyn to the back of the school’s vending machine.
        “ Listen her Savvy. I’m not your Bffl or what ever ok. That was so 7th grade. This is the 11th grade now and I am rich and popular and the leader of the barbies. I dont need a loser like you coming and destroying my reputation.” said Brooklyn in an angry voice.
“What.” said Savvy.
“ We don’t know each other ok. This is my turf and you play by my rules or your life will become miserable.” Yelled Brooklyn.
“But Brooky..” said Savvy.
“ My name is not brooky or brooklyn. It is brook!” said Brook. Savvy started cry.
“ Good Bye Savannah.” Said Brook walking away.
Anggy and Genny ran up to Savvy.
“We heard everything. Are you ok?”
“ No.I’m not ok.” said Savvy crying up a storm.
“It’s ok. Brook said that I cheated on my math test and made me fluck math.” said Genny.
“Oh. And she stole all my cloths when I what having a shower after gym. I had to call my mom to get me some cloths.” said Anggy. Later at home. Savvy ran up to her room and smashed all her pictures of her and Brook. She was crying so hard her pillow was drenched.  
“ What’s wrong honey?” Asked Savvy’s mom.
“ Brook hates me, And does not want me to be her friend and that I am a waste of time.” said Savvy cry with her pillow over her head.
“ Well if she does not want to be your friend than that is her loss. Honey see is just a waste of your time.” said her mom sitting next to Savvy petting her head.
“ Did you meet and new people?” said her mom.
“Well , um, yes two girls who are now my friends.” said Savvy slowly, about to stop crying.
“ Well, There you go two new best friends who are most likely better than Brook.” said Savvy”s Mom smiling at her.
“ Ok. Then I will start of being the new Savannah.” said Savvy.
“ Thats my girl.” said her Mom.

Chapter 4
Makeover time.

        Later at school.
“Hey, Savvy how you you going to defeat Brook?” said a Cheerleader laughing with the girls around her.
“ Well for a start she will soon let go of her statis.” said Savvy in a mad voice while smiling.
“Wwwell.. Okkkk…”said the Cheerleader nervously backing away.
Anggy and Genny ran up to Savvy.
“That was so awesome.” said Genny laughing.
“I love the new Savvy!!”said Anggy.
“I am determined to out rank Brook.” said Savvy with pride.
“ Oh on saturday we can go go on a shopping spree.” said Genny.
“ But I don’t have the kind of money to do that.” said Savvy.
“ That’s ok, we will pay. Our parents have so much money that a shopping spree does not even make a dent. Think of it as birthday present.” said Anggy.
“ Maybe you can dye your hair blond. That will put brook in her place.” said Genny.
“ I don’t know but I will ask my mom.” said Savvy.
“ Ok bye. See tomorrow to go shopping!!” said Genny.
“Bye.” said Anggy
“ Tomorrow is the start of operation destroy brook. It will be the best day ever.” said Savvy.

        Savvy opened the door to see her mom cooking something. It smelt like sweet pasta with mints mix into them. It was lasagna. Savvys favorite.
“Mom can I dye my hair blond?” Asked Savvy.
“Oh no Savannah. Not blond. Maybe a red.’ said Savvy’s mom.
“ Well me and my new friends are going to the mall together. And then I can dye my hair. But ok no blond just red.” Answered Savvy.

        Savvy ran up stairs and took her cell phone out of her school bag. She dialed the number to reach Anggy. No one pick up but Savvy left a message.
“ Hi. Anggy my mom said I can go tomorrow. And I can dye my hair but only the color red. See you then.” said Savvy into the phone.
“Savvy time for dinner. It’s your favorite.” said Savvys Mom.
It is now saturday morning. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping.All the random stuff that happens in a good moring. Come on boring.
Vroom. Vroom. Savvy looked outside to see a red La Ferrari.( A type of Ferrari.)     
        “ Savvy, come on. The mall opened 20 minutes ago.” yelled Genny.
        “Be right out girls.” answered Savvy.
Savvy ran down the stairs from her bedroom.
        “Mom I’m going to the mall now.” said Savvy rushing past.
        “ At least have something to eat.” said her mom but Savvy was already out of the door.
        “Wow. Just wow. Your ride is awesome!”said Savvy.
        “ Miss Savannah. Please get in.” said a tall man.
        “ This is my butler, James.” said Anggy.
        “Wow you have everything.” said Savvy.
Savvy got into the car and drove off. In the car they were talking about boys, brook and the barbies, and Savvys new look.
        “Here it is girls the mall.” said James.
The girls all rushed out squealing. They went in to the stores like forever21, H&M, even some random designer stores. Behind the girls was james holding all the stuff they purchased.  And then finally came the hairdresser. Savvy sat in this large chair. The hairdresser started by washing the hair. Then she took out the dye. Here it goes. Savvy thought.
strand by strand the hair was painted red. Soon Savvy was done. Anggy and Genny gasped at Savvy.
        “Um is it bad?” said Savvy.
        “No. Your mom was right. Look out brook this is the new girl in town.” said Anngy.

Chapter 5
The red pretty.

        The next day at school. Everyone gasped when they saw Savvy.
A bunch of random dues started to follow her. Until Brook saw her.
“Oh my gosh. What the hell does she think she is doing.”said Brook in a jealous rage.  
“ Well I think she is trying to take your place as the queen.”said Rachel.
        “Well she won't get away with that.”said Brook.
Brook ran up to Savvy smiling.
        “Hi, Savvy you look so fat with that get up. Some girls just can’t look pretty.”said Brook.
        “You're right no wonder you're so ugly.” answered Savvy.
Everyone around them gasped. Savvy just came back with the perfect comeback.
        “You only said that because you know what I said is true about you.Savvy you will never be pretty. You just have to much junk in tha trunk.”said Brook.
Right before Savvy could make a comeback the bell went off. It was time for Savvy to go to Ap english with Mr. Berk.It was then english. Everyone took their normal seats. Rachel sits right behind Savvy. Just sitting there texting. You now texting your boyfriend in class thing. And that you can never stay apart.
        “ Miss Rivera. Hand over your phone.” said Mr. Berk.
        “But I am not disturbing the class or calling someone.” Rachel said back.        
        “ Well Miss Rivera. You are texting and that is disturbing me.” said Mr. Berk starting to get mad.
“Fine what ever.” said Rachel walking up to his desk.
Savvy started to chuckle. When Rachel was walking back to her desk she was growling at Savvy.
“Ok. Today class we will be working with partners for the next week. So everyone find a partner and come and get this packet to see what you are doing.” said Mr. Berk.
Oh this is the perfect time to meet Sage. I think he might like my new get up. Oh maybe I can steal him from Brook. That will put her somewhere. Oh maybe he likes me back. We will be the cutest couple in school. Ok here I go. Thought savvy.
“ Hi Sage. Um do you want to be partners?” Said Savvy.
Stupid. Why do I get so nervous when it comes to things like this.
“Shure why not.It would be nice to get to know a girls as gorgeous as you.” said Sage.Savvy started to blush. Her cheeks were nearly as red as her hair.
“I will go and get the packet. For us.”said Savvy walking to the front of the room. When Savvy was gone one of the boys said.
“Hey Sage my man. Want to ace this together.”
“Sorry bro. I have that sweet chick as my partner.”Answered Sage.
“ Can she be my partner. You already have a babe.” said the boy.
Savvy came back with the packet. It was at least three pages long.
“Ok. It is a combined story project. It is due next monday. So we both have to right a story together on what we are looking forward to in the future.” said Savvy blushing and looking down at the paper.
“Well this does not sound too bad.”said Sage.
“We only have ten minutes left. So maybe you could come to my place to work?” said Savvy looking at Sages eyes that were sparleing.
“Ya. That sounds cool. So after school right?” Said Sage.
“Yes that is perfect.”Yelled Savvy out loud. Everyone then turned to look at her. But most of them did not care and went back to working.
Ring Ring. The bell went of.
“Oh it’s time for lunch.” swaid Savvy picking up all of her stuff.
“Ok babe. See you later.” said Sage walking out of the room.
Oh my gosh. Sage just called me babe. That is either a slang for girl or that he thinks I’m hot.  

Pictures of the characters.

This is Savvy Reed.

This is Angy Davis.               This is Genny Ryan.

This is Brook Hayes.
This is Rachel Rivera.

This is Alicia Hamilton.

This is Sage Bond.

Chapter 6
The somewhat date.
It was lunch. The cafe was the same as the last couple of days. Loud, and smelly and filled with all the kids.Everyone was sitting with their group.  Savvy could see Brook making out with Sage. Everyone was either talking or eating. I should not eat today. I am just too fat. I need to lose some weight. So then I can become the most popular girl at school. So Savvy not eating for today.
        “Savvy over here.”said Anggy and Genny at the same time.Savvy started walking towards them but she could not stop thinking about how fat she is.Savvy slowly took a seat. The table was olive wood. But the chair was plastic.Maybe because teens like me are so fat that we would break the wood ones.Thought savvy. Genny turned and looked at Savvy.
        “Is everything ok Savvy?”asked Genny.
“Oh ya I’m ok. Well better than ok. Sage Bond is coming over to my house after school.Well to work on english.”said Savvy.
“Wow that in just one day. Savvy you are rocking it.Soon every girl at school will want to be you.”said Anggy. Wow. I am awesome. Soon I will beat Brook. Or should I say no longer the hook. After I am done I will be the main attraction. Brook would then wish to of been my friend. She would wish to start over. She would wish she never wish she was popular. She will lose everything.  
        “Um, are you ok Savvy?” asked Anny.
        “Oh I am fine.” said Savvy.
                “Great in fact.” said Savvy.
                “I can wait for tonight.” said Genny.
                “ Call us when your done and call us and spill everything.” said Anggy. They both started smiling. There eyes open wide, their big grin that reaches to the top of there cheekbone. Looking if they don’t get any gossip that they will be forever depressed.  
“ Sure will.” said Savvy.

Two tables ways was Brook. Having fun to soon feel crushed. Oops too much info. Sorry. He they are.
“Hey Sage want to come over to my house and we can go to the local gym to work out after school.” asked Brook.
“Sorry sugar I going to Savvys to do an english project.”said Sage.
“Ugh, Why would you ever go over to a losers place.” said  Brook while  her voice got louder.
“She’s cool Brook. You are my only honey.” said Sage.
“Ok, fine then. Oh please stop the nicknames.”said Brook
“You should go and get some lunch.” said Sage.
“I ate yesterday Sage. Now lets get back to what we were doing.” said Brook.

Later at Savvys place.

“Here’s my room.” said Savvy has hope that  Sage will like it.
Oh no he is wondering why my room is so geeky. This was a bad idea. but he is so cute. Maybe he would like me for me not a sissy like brook. Oh he’s looking at me and smiling.
“Savvy. Your room is um well.*gulp* The best thing I have ever seen. I never knew you loved star trek as much as me.” said Sage happily.
“Oh, what’s your favorite episode mine is 45.”said Savvy.
“ Same!!!!” said Sage.
“ So lets start working.” said Savvy smiling.
For the past ten minutes Sage was the most productive. All Savvy did was stare at Sage. Then she got to work but she could not think of anything. What can she write her poem on?
“Do you have anything yet Savvy?” asked Sage.
“No nothing, what do you have you have been working really hard?” said Savvy.
“All I have is this picture of this monster. I think he looks like that nerd who always gives out the wrong facts in class but everyone believes him. He’s the monster.” said Sage.
“That is so true.” answered Savvy laughing.
Knock knock. Savvy’s door opened up wide to she her mom holding something? It was in a bowl and smelt like salt and butter.
“Hey you two.I just wanted to bring you a snake. Sage do you like popcorn?”asked Savvy’s mom.
“Oh yes! Thank you Mrs. Reed.” said Sage.
Savvy’s mom put the popcorn on the ground. The first thing Sage did was dive into the popcorn. You can hear the loud crunching sound from Sage over the creek of Savvy’s door. Savvy’s mom left the room.
“Sorry my mom can be so stupid at times.”said Savvy.
“No, you have a cool mom.”said Sage.
“So should we work more?”said Savvy.
“Nah, It’s do in a week.” said Sage.
“Ok, then what do you want to do?” said Savvy.
For the next two hours Sage and Savvy ran around the room with Savvy’s fake replica guns. Having pillow fights have strange boy gossip like: “Oh Tom, he is the worst on the football team. Not the best like he claims.” said Sage.
“Sage do you want to stay for dinner?” yelled Savvy’s mom from down stairs.
“Yes please Mrs. Reed.” said Sage.
“Food will be ready in ten minutes.” said Mrs. Reed.
“Oh you go ahead. I need to go to the bathroom.” said Savvy.   
“ Ok, go have fun.”said Sage.
“Ew, you perv.” said Savvy laughing.  
Savvy walked down the hall to the bathroom. She slammed the door behind her. What am I going to do. Sage can’t see that I am on a starvation diet. Yet I don’t want my parents to know either. Ok I will eat just for today.  
“Savvy. Are you done having fun.”said Sage knocking on the door.
“Yes you perv.”answered Savvy.
Savvy came out of the bathroom and walked the long walk down the stairs to the dining room. Everyone was staring at her smiling. She was shaking as she sat down seeing the large piece of steak on her plate with gravy and mashed potatoes on the side.
She grabbed her fork and stabbed the stake.  Everyone else has started eating. Grinding down the food like if it was nothing. Savvy then grabbed her knife and started cutting her steak. Once she got a slice she hesitated to put it in her mouth. But she got up.

“I need to use the bathroom.” said Savvy.
“You just went?” said Sage.
“I need to go again.”said Savvy.
“Fair.” said Sage.

Savvy got up and left the table and ran up to the upstairs bathroom in the two story house.She ran in and slammed the door. She made sure that it was locked. Her mom came up running after her.
“Savvy dear, are you ok?” asked Savvy’s mom.
“No, I feel ill.”said Savvy. She was pretending to be sick.
“Ok, I will send Sage home.” said Savvy’s mom.

Savvy’s mom went down stairs. Soon Savvy could hear a door slam. It was the front door because of the big heavy slam.
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