Nolly: an Abnormal Day sidestory

Nolly: an Abnormal Day sidestory

A little side story for my web comic that I haven't gotten to work on for a while. This is kind of how Nolly came to be Corbijn's second pet.

published on September 22, 201727 reads 11 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Where is Nolly?

Somewhere in the woods, it was very peaceful. It seemed as if no predators had existed, as the prey pranced about and did whatever they pleased. One of them had been sleeping on the ground when he felt something sniffing him. The small creature opened his eyes. He did not recognize the white fluffy thing investigating him. He could recognize any of the other woodland animals either. He came to the realization that they weren't the ones out of place.
He got up and looked at the reflection in a small puddle of water. What he saw looked yellow, with big eyes and a pincher-mouth. He glanced about, noting that everyone had 4 legs, but he himself had only two. "...don't belong..." he heard himself speak. The others did not make sounds that were as complex. He began to feel afraid. He was lost in somewhere that wasn't his home. He couldn't recall what home was either. Panic built up, and his two tiny legs began to carry him away from all of these... these strangers.
He ran faster, hearing wolves howl and bears roar. He could hear the predators making war cries, ready to tear eachother-- or even worse, HIM-- up into shreds. While he hadn't seen them before, the presence of danger had suddenly appeared through noises and shadows. Desperately, the yellow creature searched for an escape, the madness seemingly heading towards him, panic filling his veins as if they had become blood itself.
That's when he found him.
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Comments (1)

Corbijn and nolly now had a PILE OF MEMES! Oh, I-I...I m-mean... Bravo.
on October 29, 2017