Sidney's Children Meets Youtube

Sidney's Children Meets Youtube

After Mary was overpowered by the car and became evil, she hacked the into the internet and turned the monsters into the real world. Then, the children met some Youtubers to save the world and transform Mary as herself again. However, they have get through missions and enemies in this crazy story. Will they survive?

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Chapter 1.


Meanwhile in Mary's room, she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like a demon from hell. She felt the power was overpowered to her. She learned in the factory that if a robot has a power that is too uncontrollable, it turns evil. That means she is going through a evil change. She put her hands on her blue hair and nodded her head side to side.

No! No ! No! Not me! Why me?! I can't be evil! I just can't!

"You are evil, Mary."

Mary looked around her room for the voice. "W-who said that?!" shouted Mary.

"Me!" The person appeared in the mirror. It's her, but evil! She have the similar appearance like Mary. Mary's eyes went wide as she stepped back from the mirror.

"You're me?! No, you can't be me!" yelled Mary.

"Yes, I am, Mary. I am you from the future. I am the ruler of these smelly humans and kill people who stands in my way! I think you have the same idea as me." said the evil Mary before she points at Mary.

"No, we do not! I love humans, not hate them! I will not hurt my friends or MY FAMILY!" Mary folded her arms and spun around before she closed her eyes.

" Oh, really? You will let those humans get you down like that?" said the evil Mary as she put her hands on her hips.


"So you will let your dreams down as a princess because of these people?!"

Mary opened her eyes and her expressions changed into something else. "No..."

"Of course not! You wanted to be a princess since you were a little robot girl. If you were a evil, you would had armies and people to bow to you. You might be a queen."

Mary's eyebrows went to her eyes, and she gave a evil grin. Then, the evil Mary continue her statement.

"And you will be the one who will get more power. Understood?"

"Yes..." said Mary before she looked at the computer, "Yes, I might need that.
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