Close Yet Far

Close Yet Far

How can being something so beautiful, suck so much? I am an angel at A.B.O.V.E Academy. It all started when my ex shot me. Now, I'm falling for the one guy I cant' have because its forbidden. But I love him. I think he loves me too. How far do we have to go to keep our love? I need him, or I feel like I might just die all over again.

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Now here I am in a very similar, yet more dangerous position. Only this time the pain was emotional and it was hitting me full on. My head was pressed against the bark of the tree as I tried to steady my breathing. 
The cool fall air ran across my hair and up my shirt. I could hear the crunching of the leaves even from the top of the tree. If it weren't for the fact that there was someone chasing me, and I could be killed any moment, the view would have been almost beautiful. Almost.
"Great your first night out without your phone, and you're probably gonna die" I said quietly, trying to find humor in all of this.

  The sad part is that I can't even remember how "all of this" got way out of hand. I jump off, and make a run for the gate. Two hands are pulling me by the hair before I am even halfway there. I try to squirm out of the body that is now holding me down.

  "Stop it Cj. I promise if you let me go, we can have a serious conversation, and I swear I will think about changing my mind!" I sob. Cj smiles and shakes his head.

  "How do I know that you won't just call the police after I let you go?" he asks with a humorless grin. I try to move again, but he is too strong. He pulls out a gun, and slams it against my face.I can hear my nose crack, and I know its broken.

  "See! your trying to leave me again and I haven't even let you go!" He growls as hot tears start falling from his bloodshot eyes. What am I going to do? I try to smile, and run my hand trough his  red hair.

  "Look baby, we can work this out. I mean we always have right? Its just crazier this time since we haven't seen each other since last year" I say as softly as i can. For a minute his grip on me loosens, and my sense of hope starts rising. It is all short lived because as his face softens, he takes a long look at me and starts to shake his head. I start yelling when the gun is pressed against my forehead.

  "Sorry Alina, but  if I cant have you... no one can." And with that, he shoots.


The sound of laughter is all I can hear. There is a steadiness to the air, and I can't help but hold my breath as I try to be quiet and listen.There is nothing to listen to though. I try to move as I realize that someone is caressing my cheek, someone familiar yet alien. I start to open my eyes, unable to resist, and find myself in a room. Alone.

  The walls, ceiling, and floor are a light blue.

  "She’s awake!" I hear a voice shout from behind the red door, in front of the bed I am laying down on. I hear muffled voices, and the same voice shouts again.

   "No I am actually telling the truth this time!" At that, the door is swung open and I am immediately facing a large group of people wearing clothes the same color as the rest of the room.

   "I told you!" The person who had been yelling previously, turned out to be a boy about eight years old. He pushed through the crowd and pointed at me with a small stubby finger. "She kept fluttering her eyes open, and I didn't know what to do so I called Carter in, and he said to call The Monarchs so-"

   "That is ENOUGH Nicholas! Get out!" A man wearing oversized glasses booms. I feel bad for the poor boy- wait where am I? My mind races back to my encounter with CJ.

   “Who are you? Wh- what am I doing here? Where am I? Who is Carter? What?” I start to panic as a man from behind steps out with an injection in his hand. He makes his way over to me, but the glasses guy holds out his hand.

   “No Isaiah, we have to keep her awake in order for us to see if she is ready to be trained.” The two exchange looks, but Isaiah is the first to look away. ”Fine’” he makes his way to the back.

   “Hello there! I know this is all weird for you, but to answer one of your questions, I am Dr. G. However, you can call me Gibson,” he states. I try to speak, but fail.

   “Where am I?” is all I can manage to say. The group, that had been quietly waiting behind him, start to talk amongst themselves. Gibson holds up his hand again, takes off his glasses, and starts to rub his eyes. When he looks up I gasp, because he couldn’t have been much older than sixteen years old.

"Alina. I know that this may be hard for you to process, but you died that day when you were in the park." He says with a frown on his face. I swallow slowly, and start to laugh. Everyone looks at me with sorrow and after about two minutes, i realize that I am also crying.

  "Alina, look death is not a bad thing, you are very lucky to be here," Gibson states. The boy who had been yelled at runs inside, and hands me a tissue. I give him a look of gratitude and wipe my eyes.

  "I was just starting junior year and now I'm a ghost!" I manage to choke out. The room is filled with laughter, the same laughter I had heard when I was asleep.

  "What's so funny?" I ask somewhat annoyed. Gibson smiles.

  "You are most certainly not a ghost," he walks over to the foot of the bed and sits down. I blink repeatedly.

  "Well than what am I?" Am I actually talking to these people? For all I know, they could be crazy. Yet there is a strange intriguing efffect I get from them. Gibson sighs and looks at me directly in the eyes.

  "Alina you are an angel." he smiles and all I can say is " holy shit".
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