The Shadow Of Death

My brother wrote this a few weeks ago so please enjoy cuz i think it's funny

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Chapter 1

Mark had had a boring day at school and he had just been dropped of at his front door by the school bus. As he entered his house his mom greeted him with a disgusted look on her face.
“Mark Bismuth! I told you to clean your room, but when I went up there I saw all the stuff stored away under your bed! You should be ashamed of yourself! Now go up there and clean!”
Mark walked sleepily up to his room and up to his door, but something was strange. There was a screen above the door and there was letters on it. It said we need you, there is something dark invading our land… Mark looked up at the screen and said groggily “Whaaa…?”  Then the letters changed.  Never mind that, just come in her right now!!! Before mark had a chance to reply a pair of robotic arms shot out of both sides of Marks wall and tugged him inside the door.  Then, out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a weird looking monster bird with horns, grinning at him.  And at the sight, he fainted.  
When he came to, he was in a blizzard.  He got up and walked toward a castle like shadow he saw in the distance.  When he reached it, he noticed it actually was a real castle.  The same monster bird he had seen was guarding the front of the castle, with a hysterical grin on his face.  “Hello there, friend,” he said.  “My name is Vontark.  I am the king of the Good Guys castle which is right in front of you, but behind me, and I see you are freaked out and confused, but soon you will not be confused and you will wonder why you were ever confused and you will be confused about that, and you get the idea. Now come inside.”  And before Mark had a chance to speak, Vontark tugged him inside the gates of the gigantic castle.  Vontark pulled Mark through the castle and pushed him into a room, still wearing the same grin.  When they went into the room there was a bunch of monsters, but one stood out from the rest.  It was a dragon with a long neck and a short body, five arms on each side, and razor sharp teeth.  
“Why am I here,” Mark said.  
Then Vontark spoke up.  “You are here because there is a bad black serpent that is very very very very very evil and someone named Morron said that they needed a mortal to defeat him and just in case you are wondering we are immortals.  We don’t know the serpent’s name so we just call him ‘The’ no one has ever seen him so we also call him ‘The Shadow’ and he likes to kill people, so we also call him ‘Death.’  And put it together and you have the perfect horror movie name, ‘The Shadow of Death!’” he said, brightly.  
Then Vontark introduced Mark to the dragon Mark was looking at.  “This is Bonzark,” said Vontark.  “He is third in command.”  Just then they heard a screech coming from the hallway outside the room.  
“What the…” said Vontark.  
They walked outside the hallway and saw a giant green muscular dragon on the floor with a scratch through his heart.  “Morron,” said Bonzark, with a shocked look on his face.  Vontark grinned a gigantic sad grin and said, “This is an example of what The Shadow of Death can do.”  
Just then, Vontark burst into the great hall and scurried up to his throne.  And screamed at the top of his lungs, “All warriors and apprentices meet below the throne, I’m calling a meeting!”  Thousands upon thousands of warriors came running into the great hall and sat down in front of Vontark.  “The Shadow of Death has killed my deputy, Morron.”  Gasps of disbelief came up from the crowd.  “I will now name my new deputy,” announced Vontark as he smiled a weak giant smile, “Bonzark.”  
Bonzark came up from the crown to stand beside Vontark. “You have been a great warrior, Bonzark, do you swear to never never never never never turn evil?”  
“Yes,” said Bonzark.
“You are dismissed.” Said Vontark.
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@spencerfoster226 my brother wrote it...
on May 13, 2014
your story is lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like really who writes about this tbh
on May 13, 2014